Yet another former Eagle has made disparaging remarks about Chip Kelly, as Brandon Boykin, who was recently traded to the Steelers, said that Kelly has trouble relating with his players.

Given that so many players have griped about Kelly once they leave Philadelphia, the question has to be asked: do they also gripe about Kelly when they’re still there?

“No, and I think you have a couple isolated instances,” CSN Philly analyst Reuben Frank said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “You’re talking about guys who have gotten traded. LeSean McCoy, he didn’t want to go to Buffalo. Brandon Boykin, I think, was frustrated that he never got a chance to start here, and you have a couple disgruntled guys. I think really irresponsible comments from both. I like both guys a lot. They’re both good guys. But there’s really no basis at all for their comments. I think when you have a team that’s got a fracturing, when you have a team that’s got a band of players that have hard feelings for the coach or bitterness or any kind of resentment over the way they’re treated, you don’t have a team that goes 20-12 in the first two years under that coach. You don’t have a team that plays hard and practices hard. That kind of thing generally manifests itself on the field. We haven’t seen any of that. This team was 9-3 last year going into Week 13. I’m thinking they’re going to get a first-round bye.

“So being around him every day, I think you get a lot of guys rolling their eyes at these comments,” Frank continued. “Listen, we understand that guys get frustrated when things don’t go their way. I know Brandon wanted to be here. I know Shady wanted to be here. Racism is such a big issue in our community and our society. I think these guys really kind of belittle it when they throw out irresponsible charges like this. LeSean McCoy was replaced by DeMarco Murray. Jeremy Maclin was replaced by Neslon Agholor. I’m at practice today and certainly a lot of African American players on the field. There’s really no basis for the allegations. You just hope this is the last of it.”

Boykin said that Kelly is “uncomfortable around grown men of our culture,” essentially implying that he is racist. Frank, however, doesn’t believe that is the case with Kelly.

“Chip’s a different kind of guy, and I think it’s important to remember all the guys that have made any kind of comments are guys that were here under Andy Reid,” Frank said. “Andy Reid is a guy who was a players’ coach in the sense that he would sit with you and talk about your finances or your relationship or your marriage or your kids. That’s just the way he was. That was his personality. He was very open with the players. He was very close to them. Chip Kelly is a different kind of guy. He doesn’t sit around and have that kind of relationship with players. There’s certainly a lot of successful coaches that haven’t been player-coaches from the standpoint of being friends with their players.

“So I think that’s what we’re seeing,” Frank continued. “We’re seeing some of these Andy Reid guys that haven’t been able to make that adjustment to a new coach. Since when was getting close to your player a requirement for a successful head football coach? It’s nice, I guess, if it works out that way. But it’s certainly not at the top of the job requirement list, as far as I’m concerned.”


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