A pair of Dallas Cowboys – Dez Bryant and Tyler Patmon – fought at training camp Sunday, the former Oklahoma State standouts throwing punches at each other as teammates tried to separate them.

You would think this is exactly the kind of thing that a head coach (Jason Garrett) and owner (Jerry Jones) wouldn’t want to see from their football team, especially their star player.

Well, you would be wrong.

“Man, Jerry loves that juice,” Dallas’ 105.3 The Fan radio voice Ben Rogers said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “He calls it the juice. He really does. He doesn’t mind Dez getting into that fight. And here’s the thing about that fight: Tyler Patmon threw the first punch – and landed it. He punched Dez in the face with his helmet off. Dez was unable to accept that and unable to have that be the final closure of the event, so he just went nuts trying to get to him to retaliate. Eventually they hugged it out and whatnot, but I think at the end of the day, Jerry Jones saw a lot of this with the ’90s Cowboys – Michael Irvin getting in fights, other players getting in fights. I think he just accepts it as being a part of how this goes.”

Garrett didn’t seem too upset, either. But he probably would have been had Bryant injured his hand – or any body part – during the scuffle.

“I was watching (the fight) happen live,” Rogers said. “It took Tony Romo to break it up. Romo had to walk from the other side of the field and it went on for about three-and-a-half minutes. Romo sopped it. As soon as it was stopped, they immediately took Dez on the other end of the field, and it was Garrett talking to Dez. We expected to see Garrett lecturing him. He was laughing. He was smiling. We had Stephen Jones on the show the next day, and we said, ‘So why was Garrett laughing? Why was he smiling?’ (Jones) basically said, Look, he wanted to get it across to Dez that, ‘Hey, I know you felt like that was the thing you had to do, but . . . what if that happens in a game and you punch an opponent in the helmet, you break your hand and you’re out for six weeks?’ So (Jones) said that was the message, but at the same time, Garrett was laughing. We were shocked by that ourselves.”

At this point, it seems Garrett and Jones are content to allow Bryant’s passion and emotion to spill out, just as long as certain lines aren’t crossed – at least not crossed very often.

“That is kind of who he is,” Rogers said. “I don’t really know how they could stop it. If you think about it, Jeremy Mincey is a pretty big boy. He was over there holding Dez back. Dez got around him and went and landed a slap on Tyler Patmon. I don’t know. One of the writers here, Clarence Hill, said no one could restrain Dez. He was completely out of control. I don’t really know the way that you restrain him. If he goes ham like that, I don’t know how you reel him back in honestly if he’s going to go nuts like that. It kind of comes with the package. He’s an incredibly passionate, combustible, explosive personality and 99 percent of the time that’s channeled in the right direction with good energy. It just so happened to spill out this way like it did. You take the little bit of the bad with the good.”


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