Bleacher Report SEC lead writer

“I think by the end of year when they play Auburn, they won’t be young and inexperienced anymore. They’ll be veterans. And as a result, they’ll win that game and win the SEC-West and move on to bigger and better things.”
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CSN Philly analyst

“We’re seeing some of these Andy Reid guys that haven’t been able to make that adjustment to a new coach. Since when was getting close to your player a requirement for a successful head football coach? It’s nice, I guess, if it works out that way. But it’s certainly not at the top of the job requirement list, as far as I’m concerned.”
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BEN ROGERS – 8/4/15
Dallas 105.3 The Fan radio voice

“I don’t really know how they could stop it. If you think about it, Jeremy Mincey is a pretty big boy. He was over there holding Dez back. Dez got around him and went and landed a slap on Tyler Patmon. I don’t know. One of the writers here, Clarence Hill, said no one could restrain Dez. He was completely out of control. I don’t really know the way that you restrain him. If he goes ham like that, I don’t know how you reel him back in honestly if he’s going to go nuts like that. It kind of comes with the package. He’s an incredibly passionate, combustible, explosive personality and 99 percent of the time that’s channeled in the right direction with good energy. It just so happened to spill out this way like it did. You take the little bit of the bad with the good.”
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“And then when it finally happens, it’s this miraculous thing that suddenly is in your career, so I have never turned away from Full House. I’ve never tried to dissuade anybody from saying, ‘Hey, look, I’m not that guy.’ If I’m this great character or whatever, then so be it. It’s really up to the fans. It’s not up to me to say ‘Oh, I don’t want to be that guy anymore.’ I’m happy to be Joey Gladstone. It was a great run, it was a great character and it’s afforded me a really nice life. So Full House has been the pinnacle of my career, and I accept that. It’s a really nice feeling.”
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BEN AXELROD – 8/5/15
Bleacher Report Big Ten lead writer

“The guy with the highest upside is certainly Christian Hackenberg. it’s gong to be a big year for him and the Nittany Lions in 2015.”
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BRENT AXE – 8/5/15
Bills insider

“He gets benched four games into the year last year, and look, it worked. Kyle Orton goes out there and at the end of the season, that team’s 9-7. But there was a sentiment that . . . they made that move a little too early, and there’s also a sentiment that he’s never recovered from that. They really can’t blame the kid that somebody completely puts a huge stop in his development. But now you’ve got a new coaching staff, a new coordinator, everything’s new – and some of the same opinions are coming out here. So maybe this is more on E.J. than it is anybody.”
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Houston Chronicle NFL columnist

“They let him freelance a lot. This was when he was with the Chargers and they let him try to take advantage of mismatches. They left it up to him because he was such a great player. I don’t put him up there with Lawrence Taylor. To me, the four greatest players I’ve ever seen were Jim Brown, Jerry Rice, Lawrence Taylor and Reggie White. To me, those four are the Mount Rushmore of NFL players. And in that second group, Junior certainly was great. He was durable. He had the longevity. It’s going to be very sad but exciting at the same time when he’s inducted. It is kind of strange he’s in a Patriot uniform because everybody kind of thinks of him as a Charger.”
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Fantasy football expert

“People are really high on the Andrew Luck train – and I am, too. I think they are the top two. But Aaron Rodgers to me just has so much consistency. And once again, that offense all coming back is so huge.”
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