Former Panthers QB

“That was it. We had that respect with each other. If he would drop a pass, I would never browbeat him or berate him. I don’t think you do that. Maybe some guys you have to light a fire under, but I never had to light one under him. And certainly he would get frustrated, I think, at times because so many teams would roll to him and send two guys, but then that helped us in other areas. It helped us with our running game away from him because they were keeping two guys and completely worrying about Steve, so we had an advantage on the other end. He just wanted to win. He wanted to compete and win, and he certainly helped us win by getting him involved. I think the biggest thing for him was he wanted to win every day. I’ve used it to describe him: He had a competitive arrogance about him – meaning, ‘I am the best at what I do, and that’s it. Very simple. The ball’s in the air. I’m going to get it. It’s my football.’ That’s what made him so good.”
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PAUL WEXLER – 8/12/15
Raiderbeat.com writer

“These three franchises are valued at about $987 million. The second that they step into Los Angeles, let’s be honest: What’s the value of their franchises? We’re wildly guessing, but it’s not out of the realm that these franchises are worth $2 billion at that point once they get in the second-largest media market. So for each one of these franchises to say, ‘Hey, we’ll kick $200 million each to whoever doesn’t get into the market and help them get their new stadium built in whatever city is left over,’ I think they’d (do that). (They) want to get into L.A. and be valued at $2 billion.’ I think that’s a fair estimation.”
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GLEN MASON – 8/13/15
Former college football coach

“The only kids that stayed were the kids that didn’t do well academically – and they hated it and you got a job. Most of the time it was hard, menial labor and you started thinking, ‘Man, I don’t want to do this the rest of my life. I better get that education.’ Now these kids are on scholarship year-long. They’re training during the summer with weight coaches. There really is no break, and our graduation rates really haven’t improved that much.”
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ROSS TUCKER – 8/13/15
Former NFL player and current analyst

“I really hate that he’s going through this, but I think he’s brought a lot of this on himself, quite frankly. I kind of thought there was a lot of flaws in the Wells Report, but at the end of the day, the conclusion – which is that it’s more probable than not . . . that Brady was at least generally aware that they were deflating footballs – I mean, that’s kind of the conclusion I came to as well. What are the odds in Vegas, DA, that the only person in the galaxy that any of us have ever heard of . . . happens to be the guy that took the ball into the bathroom, and that Brady happens to destroy his phone the day he’s meeting with Ted Wells? Those two things both being coincidence . . . is probably a billion to one, maybe a trillion to one. You got to be kidding me.”
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