HEATH EVANS – 8/17/15
NFL Network analyst

“I have stood by him for the course of the thing. I think people that are willing to read now and really start tracking everything that’s been released – everything that the Patriots released, everything that the NFLPA has released – you’re starting to see a completely different side of more or less a witch hunt, and maybe a few guys in the league office that had some ill will directed toward the Patriots and leaked out false reports and started a landslide that was just lies and propaganda.”
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ALAN FANGER – 8/17/15
Sports legal analyst

“In fact, it was almost an afterthought that this issue of jurisdiction came up. I believe it was mentioned in a footnote in Northwestern’s brief to the NLRB. So that tells you that this was really the legal equivalent of putting up a three-pointer, with hopes that somehow the board would bite into it. And it turns out – wouldn’t you know it – that this was the actual basis for the decision. I have to say I’m totally perplexed. I only hope that the players will take an appeal from the decision because I think they do have some chance on appeal.”
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MIKE RILEY – 8/18/15
Nebraska head coach

“As we got better throughout the years at Oregon State, the expectations grew, and that was a good thing. You want people that care and want to win all around you – fans and administration and everybody. You absolutely want that because the opposite is not good. I understand the expectations here, but I’ve always said that nobody puts higher expectations on themselves than coaching staffs do. We work real hard at our jobs. We try to coach as best we can to prepare our kids. So the time involved and the effort put in always raises those expectations to the highest level. That’s where we’re really driven – just to do a really good job with this team, play one game at a time and try to win every game.”
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RANDY CROSS – 8/18/15
CBS college football analyst

“People forget on the defensive side they lost guys like (Arik) Armstead. They won’t struggle quite as much on the defensive side as they will on the offensive side just proving that the gap won’t be there replacing a guy like Mariota. But just from what Chip Kelly left there, what Mark Helfrich has built since then, with Phil Knight’s support – they’re all about high class and high speed. And if you play for the Oregon Ducks, you’re a lot of things, but you start out being fast. I think they’ve got the physical ability to blow a lot of people away.”
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GREG COUCH – 8/19/15
Bleacher Report college football writer

“Certainly Ohio State’s got more talent, but yeah, if Michigan goes into that game with one loss, think of all the attention Harbaugh’s going to have then. As much as everyone’s portraying him as a god now, think about what it’ll be like then – and Michigan players will believe (they can win).”
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Sports XChange NFL reporter

“Even in the local business paper, they were talking about how ticket sales are down and there’s 8,000 seats available for the home opener. Well, guess what? The Rams’ average attendance averaged about 8,000 unsold tickets a game (last year) – and that was last year. So how does having 8,000 unsold this year represent a drop? It’s not. It’s about what it was last season. So it’s kind of interesting the way a lot of people portray this and, I think, a lot of times don’t have a lot of true perspective of what’s going on.”
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BRYAN HARSIN – 8/20/15
Boise State head coach

“I’m excited for our guys – to see all the work we’ve put in. I’m excited to be at home for our players. It’s been six years since we’ve played at home. We’ve been in a lot of kickoff classic games – a lot of different places against some very good teams. So we get to be at home in front of our fans on the blue. That’s what I’m excited about – to open up at home. We’re just excited to go play and see what this 2015 Broncos team is all about.”
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NFL Network analyst

“You have to start to change who the face of the franchise is. You have to start to say Russell can win and can beat people and win games with his arm – (and) not just (depend) on Marshawn Lynch to sometimes bail him out.”
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