Milwaukee 105.7 radio host

“When you just get in sync with somebody – Joe Montana had Jerry Rice and he always knew where he was going to be. Michael Irvin was with Troy Aikman. He always knew where he was going to be. You can go through the list of great quarterbacks, but they always had that great guy with them. Jordy Nelson has been like that ever since he came into the league with Aaron Rodgers, so it’s going to be hard to replace that.”
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TODD GRAHAM – 8/24/15
Arizona State head coach

“The problem is that I watch the film with her after every game – we been together about 20 years – and I shouldn’t have done that,” said Graham, whose Sun Devils are ranked 15th in the AP preseason poll. “She likes to give her opinion. She was a Mike Bercovici fan.”
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COREY CLARK – 8/25/15
Tallahassee Democrat columnist

“Now look, you can’t ever predict how a six-person jury is going to decide something, but . . . when you followed it on Twitter, there just wasn’t nearly enough evidence for beyond a reasonable doubt. There just wasn’t. In fact, many people around Tallahassee and around the program couldn’t even believe it went to trial, that the state attorney even tried to bring charges against him. Not necessarily because he didn’t do it – nobody knows if he did it – but there just was’t nearly enough evidence to get a conviction. So I think Jimbo Fisher and the staff and the university have always expected that Dalvin Cook would be on this football team this season.”
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TODD FURHAMN – 8/25/15 contributor

“Depending on where you look and what sports book you may be inclined to play through, you can find a price as high as 10:1. Of course this team is going to have to retool on the defensive side of the ball. (There’s) so much speculation about who their starting quarterback will be in Week 1 against the Steelers and Week 2 against Buffalo, but it really doesn’t change their outlook as far as the Super Bowl is concerned. When you look at New England’s win total, that was impacted a bit; 10.5 was more or less the consensus when that number was first hung. Right now you’re looking at a price of 10. You do have to play a little bit of juice if you want to go over, though.”
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