Showtime Sports producer

“It’s a heck of a defense. Coach Kelly has assembled a great group of ball players. We’ve got a lot of All-Americans on this football team and then a quarterback in Malik Zaire who delivered in the first week who was a question mark. So if that defense with nine returning studs can materialize the way it seems to be materializing – only giving up three points against Texas – God knows where this team can go.”
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Big Ten Network analyst

“The good news is they’ve got a really talented quarterback, they’ve got a good defense. If they could just figure out how to protect him, they should be okay.”
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CHIP BROWN – 9/9/15 Longhorns writer

“He’s got Rice this week and then a very explosive Cal offense coming in. Then it’s Oklahoma State, then it’s TCU, then it’s OU. It’s a front-loaded schedule for a team that is relying right now on eight key freshmen in the starting lineup. That’s a young team. Everything is pointed toward 2016, but the arrow has to point up this season. It has to be firmly pointed up. People have to see that this is headed in the right direction, and obviously right now no one is feeling like that. There’s 15,000 tickets still available for the home opener Saturday, and I would imagine there will be a bunch of no-shows on top of that.”
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BART SCOTT – 9/9/15
CBS Sports NFL analyst

“It affects them psychologically. It feels like you have an advantage. If you feel like you got a tip from a coach during the week, you lean on that. And it may not ever show up, right? It may not ever show up. But it makes you have a level of confidence when you play the football game that, hey, we know something.”
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JAY PATERNO – 9/10/15
Author, son of Joe Paterno

“(But) certainly a lot of things the NCAA has done in rolling things back – despite the fact that they don’t want to say it – it’s certainly an indication that they’ve come to grips with the fact that they probably got this wrong and they rushed to judgment on this.”
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TODD FUHRMAN – 9/10/15 analyst

“And of course that will start this week where they’re laying nearly six touchdowns against Hawaii who comes into Columbus. We’ve already seen that total open at 59 for that game and get bet up to 65. Ohio State right now is a 41-point favorite.”
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