By Shaun Morash

The Watercooler

                  I was a believer preseason that Tom Coughlin did not have to make the post season to keep his job as the Giants Head Coach. Those beliefs changed after Week 1’s debacle in Arlington. Tom Coughlin’s age is now a concern, if you are too slow to pull the trigger and override a quarterback and/or offensive coordinator in a crucial situation such as the goa line Sunday Night, then he cannot coach a football team. This is a playoffs or bust year officially for Big Blue.

Ten Yard Gain

1- Dez Bryant’s injury is a crippler for the Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Jones rushed to tell everyone this would be a 4 week fix as DA noted on the show this week. That was obviously wrong, and we may not see Dez until Thanksgiving at this point. 30 touchdowns are now out of that huddle between Dez and Demarco. The pressure is truly on Tony Romo.

2- Marcus Mariota has the best rookie quarterback debut since Fran Tarkenton. Accuracy is what Mariota is all about, and the opener Sunday was not a one-time deal, Marcus will absolutely be the better quarterback for the next decade than Jameis will.

3- The Detroit Lions felt like they had Jim Schwartz back on the sidelines in their collapse in San Diego Sunday. The defense clearly missed Suh’s presence, and the secondary continues to be a problem. If they are the Packers main competition in the NFC North, then that division may be wrapped up by Halloween.

4- Tyrod Taylor surprised everyone including me with his leadership and big play ability in Buffalo Sunday. That being said, I am still not buying. Rex Ryan doesn’t develop quarter backs and Taylor will be no different. It is a happy beginning in Buffalo, but it sure won’t be a happy ending.

5- The idea James Jones was not good enough to be an Oakland Raider or New York Giant this season is laughable. Cut by both, Jones signed on with the packers as Jordy Nelson;s replacement and looked like the Jones of old, scoring two touchdowns. If Jones has a big year, add that to a building resume case for the firing of Tom Coughlin and Jerry Reese in New York.

6- Terrell Suggs will never be the same football player again. He was already an aging veteran with less burst. But now he has a 2nd Achilles injury? He will come back because he is tough as nails, but coming back and playing great are two entirely different things. This is a sad end to the player that we came to enjoy watching year after year in Baltimore.

7- The “Sexy,” NFL pick by most was the Minnesota Vikings. That sexy pick suddenly looked like a 400 pund woman with acne on Monday. The offensive line was atrocious, Teddy looked like a rookie, and Adrian Peterson may not be Adrian Peterson anymore. They need to rebound quickly before they are in Top 10 pick mode.

8- Of all the Week 1 disappointments, no team was worse than the Raiders. They looked like they did not belong on the same field as the Bengals, heck they looked like they did not belong in the same league. I may have been way off on my 8-8 projection for that team.

9- The Philadelphia Eagles are the most overrated team in the NFL in 2015. A message I will continue to shout from the mountain tops. Byron Maxwell, a top tier corner? Laughable. The Eagles with great wide receivers? Laughable.

10- Jonny Football became Johnny Stink ball at Metlife Stadium and it is not unfair. Sure he wasn’t the starter, but all backups should prepare like starters and Manziel looked completely unprepared to enter that game Sunday. I was so excited for Cleveland because I had thought they finally got their man. I even thought he would still be their man in August. I could not be wavering any more on that thought than I am right now.

Five Games to Chew On

5 Juicy Lucy’s Game of the Week-Lions @ Vikings: The Vikings need a home win off that Monday night loss badly for us to consider them seriously. However, the Lions also need to get the bitter taste of a brutal week 1 loss out of their mouth. Who will be the Packers biggest challenger in the North? This week’s game will give us that answer, if there is one.

4 Bowls of Skyline Chili Game of the Week- Chargers @ Bengals: Andy Dalton can’t win playoff games, but he sure can win regular season games. Cincinnati is fresh off a blowout season opening win and come home to play a San Diego team traveling from west to east. The Chargers cannot afford to fall behind big like they did in Week 1 as the Bengals will have the ability to finish the job, unlike Detroit. Though it is early in the season, this game could have a major impact on the AFC Wild Card picture later in the year.

3 Beef on Weck’s Game of The Week-Patriots @ Bills: Rex Ryan has brought his brash and trash talking bravado to Buffalo for another matchup with the hoodie. This is old, yawn, news for the Patriots. New England had 10 days to prepare for this defense and won’t be phased like Luck and co. However, the mystery lies with what will Tyrod Taylor do vs an unproven New England secondary?

2 Tony Luke’s Cheesesteaks Game of the Week- Cowboys @ Eagles: Nothing in Week 2 is a must win, but it is as close to that as can be for the eagles. The time to pile up Cowboys losses needs to be with Dez Bryant out. The whispers of negativity around Chip Kelly chirped loudly Monday night. Another misstep here and those whispers get louder.

1 120 Yard Bratwurst Game of the Week- Seahawks @ Packers: Everybody believes the Packers will get sweet revenge at home on Sunday Night. However, we should not be so quick to think this game will be a runaway. The Seahawks starting 0-2? That is hard to imagine. Matt Forte gashed the Packers run defense last week, and now Beast Mode gets his chance to dance. This should be yet another thriller reminiscent of January.

My Picks

I got off to a nice 2-1 start this year, my only blemish was a major let down by the Eagles on Monday night. Back to back winning weeks and we really have something here:

Cardinals -2 @ Bears. If the Bears have a successful season, that would be a 6-10 year. They fought hard in their opener to try and stay close with the Pack. The Cardinals defense is elite, better than Green Bay’s, and won’t be gashed by Matt Forte. They also thrive off turnovers, something Jay Cutler should give them an opportunity to do. Winning by a field goal at least should be no problem for Arizona. This is free money.

Titans -1 @ Browns. I would not have predicted I would be putting my eggs in the Titans basket this early. However a 1 point spread makes this game an essential pick em. The Browns QB situation is dicey, to put it kindly. Mariota has his feet wet and is feeling a grove. His opportunities won’t be as easy vs a better defense, but he still will do enough here to come out on top.

Giants -2.5 vs Falcons. The Falcons come outdoors for week 2 where everything seems harder for them. The Giants, led by Eli manning, open up at home needing desperately to get the bitter taste of Sunday Night out of their mouth. Big Blue will honor the Super Bowl XXV team at halftime leaving plenty of positive mojo at Metlife. Short week does Atlanta no favors here either. Give me the Giants to right the ship and take advantage of a poor Falcons offensive line as well.

Football Food of the Week

Southwestern Chicken Nachos. Nachos are simple, basic, delicious, and can be spiced up with all different meats and spices. The standard nacho should always include a cheese blend, salsa, jalepenos, and if you love it, guacamole. As far as meat goes, try making southwestern chicken. Instead of using ground beef, or even ground chicken, how about chopping up chicken breast to small pieces and browning it in a frying pan with taco seasoning. This gives you that taco spice, on delicious white meat chicken. Sprinkle on top with the rest of your toppings, serve, and enjoy!

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