Toledo head coach

“But I think what I was a really proud of is our kids really enjoyed it, but it wasn’t like we won the Super Bowl. It was, we knew what we had the ability to do, we came, we did it, but it’s only Week 2 of the college football season. There’s so much left to play for and we’ve got so much left out there that we want to accomplish that I think our kids enjoyed the moment but had great focus leaving that locker room.”
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NFL Network analyst

“Love that young man. But the idea that we’re going to get (four touchdowns) every week? Let’s just pump the brakes just a little bit. Let’s see how Tyrod plays out as they go. But if he’s consistent in what he does, Buffalo will be knocking on the door for a potential playoff spot. Because I’m still not convinced they’re going to take the (division) title from New England yet. I know everybody keeps talking about how vulnerable they are. They’ve been vulnerable for the last 12 years. How many people have taken the AFC East from them? You just don’t. It’s hard to do.”
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ADAM KRAMER – 9/15/15
Bleacher Report lead college football writer

“But because we no longer have computers looking at this thing, I don’t necessarily think it would have been ‘That’s it. The season is over.’ I think the cool thing and the unique thing about it – because we have Jeff Long and the committee able to judge this week to week – (is that) by the end of it, they may have a much different view. Now, the big difference is they have to turn it around. And that is the thing that most teams will not be able to do.”
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WIP radio host

“But it looked rushed to me. I guess it looked rushed to you. I think it was a no-brainer to go for the field goal. I’m the ultimate riverboat gambler, and to me, it was an absolute no-brainer in a dome with two minutes left to go for the field goal there. That wasn’t the problem. The problem was the time it took to make the decision, the lack of a timeouts and then obviously that Cody missed it.”
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BART SCOTT – 9/16/15
CBS Sports NFL analyst

If I’m Amari Cooper, I’m looking at my teammates a little different – like, where were you at? It should have been benches cleared, time to go to work, and let Roger Goodell do what he got to do. Cost of doing business. You pay your fine. But the benefit far outweighs the punishment because now he knows you got his back. So now you’re going to get everything this young man got and then what? That’s how you build a bond, man. The Ravens team I was on, you do that.”
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South Carolina radio analyst

“For us, we’re going to have to make sure we really hunker down on special teams and defense, especially on the road where we’re trying to figure out our own offensive identity.”
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CBS NFL analyst

“I had a lot of concerns coming in and I saw them at practice on Friday. Physically, even though he came from a pro-style offense, he’s got some things that he really, really needs to clean up and work on. Everybody always has been talking about his release, and it’s a different kind of release. He’s got to tighten things up as far as that throwing motion is concerned, but that’s not something you can work on during the season. It’s got to be worked on during the offseason. But more importantly, I think, is his footwork. He has a tendency to be heavy-footed – and this is a guy saying this who was known to be heavy-footed himself.”
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TODD FUHRMAN – 9/17/15 analyst

“But about three out of every four tickets that are being placed right now – and of course it is still early on Thursday – (are) coming in on Georgia Tech. It is a buyer-beware situation and one of the games I’ll be more than fascinated to try and watch because it is so difficult to adjust power numbers on a college team that loses two marquee weapons so early in the season.”
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