Bart Scott likes Victor Cruz. He likes that Victor Cruz is doing well off the field and making a lot of money in endorsements.

But Scott doesn’t like that Cruz made an appearance at Fashion Week even though he hasn’t played football in almost a full calendar year.

“You have to understand it just doesn’t look right – to the fans and maybe to his teammates,” Scott said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “Listen, Odell needs help, man. It just doesn’t look right. It just doesn’t look right. You don’t want to be out seen having fun doing this, over here, over there (when) you’re not ready to play.”

But what is Cruz supposed to do? Stay home despite his fashion endorsements?

Scott says yes.

“Him and Russell Wilson right now are probably the most identifiable in the fashion world,” Scott said. “He’s done a great job branding himself that way so he can have a career outside of football. I mean, how many young black athletes are the face of a Paris-based brand? That’s huge and I applaud him for that. It just didn’t look right. It just doesn’t look right. That’s all. That’s all I’m saying. I like him but it just doesn’t look right. He should be putting some salsa on the calf, getting it right, a little guacamole – whatever else he got to put on it to get it right.”

Damon Amendolara believes that celebrity hit the Giants each time after they won the Super Bowl.

It seems they still haven’t recovered from this last one.

“That’s what New York will do to you,” Scott said. “That’s why everybody can’t play in New York. That’s the problem when you go to these big markets. It’s hard to win in Miami because of the distractions. It’s hard to win sometimes in D.C. and that’s going to be the challenge if they ever get a team in L.A. – because it’s the celebrity. People want to cross over. Everybody and every kid that comes up is concerned about their brand and how they’re going to make money of the field. Everybody’s looking for their moment. David Tyree had one catch in his life and he had a book. Are you serious, bro?”

Well, to be fair, it was arguably the greatest catch in Super Bowl history.

“It was the most unlikely catch in NFL history because that’s the first thing I’ve ever seen him catch in my life,” Scott said. “He didn’t even make the scouting report.”


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