Sean Astin, who stared in Rudy, dropped by CBS Sports Radio to discuss his most recent football film, Woodlawn, which comes out October 16. The film tells the story of Tony Nathan, who lived through a racially charged time during his youth in Alabama before becoming one of the best running backs of his era.

“You’re talking about Birmingham in early ‘73 and just the unbelievable conflict,” Astin said on The DA Show. “I guess we kind of know now with Ferguson and Baltimore and all this other stuff that’s going on. It seems somehow like that happens and it goes on for a weekend and it goes away sometime. This was like every day, every second of the day and every time you got in your car and every time you walked down the street. And so for him to kind of emerge out of that environment as a football great and a football legend that started somewhere (like that was incredible). His life is now meant to represent something extraordinary – above and beyond what is already extraordinary just having that athletic talent and that prowess and everything else. But to have been in a community of people and to have been a leader (was amazing).

Astin met Nathan during filming and got to watch the final version of the movie with Nathan.

“The guy was just blown away seeing his life depicted in front of him and I got to watch it,” Astin said. “It was incredible. . . . Football is violent. Football is a violent, smash-mouth sport. But it’s okay because everybody agrees on it. There’s lines and there’s time and there’s rules and stuff. That’s where we should have combat. Outside of football in our world, people should be getting along.”

Astin, 44, also discussed some of his other work, including The Goonies, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Astin was asked if he kept the treasure map from the movie.

“Well, then you’re going to ask where it is, and I’m going to have to tell you it got lost, so no,” Astin said, laughing. “There were a couple of maps and I got to keep what I took. I don’t know if I was allowed to keep it, but sometimes they don’t care. I’m sitting right here next to the Rudy helmet I wore in the movie. Sometimes the prop guy will say, ‘Yeah, sure go ahead, you can take it’ or (they’ll let you keep) clothes that you wear or something like hat. So I did. I had the map, one of the inhaler, the skull-and-bone thing. (But) yeah, the map would have been great (to still have).”

Astin believes there should be a sequel to the movie – and thinks one day there will be.

“It’s just fun,” Astin said. “It reminds people of their childhood. Back then in ’88, the first time Steven Spielberg told me he wanted to do a sequel out of it, I was like, okay. Going with a gang of people that you like on an adventure – what would the next adventure be? They found a pirate ship (in the first one). What would the next one be? I don’t know. It could be really awesome. It could be cool. I want to know. Every movie ever made, somebody at some point goes, ‘What about a sequel?’ And you’re like, ‘Well, the Titanic sank, so I don’t know what you’re going to do for that.’ But people joke, ‘We’ll put that in the sequel.’ And the fact is with Goonies, it would be a great sequel.”


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