During his playing days, Bart Scott respected a lot of NFL quarterbacks, but he respected them all in different ways.

One quarterback he respected and loved? Ben Roethlisberger. One quarterback he respected but didn’t love quite as much? Tom Brady.

What’s the difference, you ask? Scott explained on CBS Sports Radio.

“I don’t know if you’ve seen my hit on Ben Roethlisberger,” That Other Pregame Show host said on The DA Show. “It’s just the type of hit that you dream off. He did’t see me, he patted the ball twice and I finished the deal. But if you watch me, you see I slide my head to the left at the last second. That was out of respect for Ben Roethlisberger because I appreciated the way he played. I appreciated the type of quarterback he was. I appreciated that he played like a man and he never complained. If that would have been somebody else, that helmet would have been to the middle. It would have been a kill shot. I would have broke a rib or I would have tried to break a sternum.”

What if that had been Brady?

“Yeah, I might have had to take that shot,” Scott said. “If I would have had the same shot that I had on Ben, I would have took a legal shot, but I would have made sure I did some damage, of course. And he was a rival. And he folded up like a tent.”

So, does that mean Scott didn’t respect Brady?

“What I’m saying is I respect Ben,” Scott said. “Ben is a guy who can come sit at the table with any group on that team. He can go sit with the D-Linemen. ‘Hey, what up Ben?’ He has a defensive mentality. He has a tough-guy mentality. There’s nothing tough about Tom Brady. The toughest thing about Tom Brady is his chin – because it has the dimple in it, which is a characteristic of most superheroes.”

So Scott didn’t think Brady was tough?

“Come on, man,” Scott said. “Tom Brady don’t think he’s tough. Gisele doesn’t think Tom Brady is tough. Listen, I respect him, but he plays the game differently – no different from the way that Peyton Manning plays it. But listen, there’s certain guys – Steve McNair, tough guy. He was a guy that can hang with anybody. . . . I put (Roethlisberger) in that group. Roethlisberger can come sit at the table. We can talk about anything – because he’s a tough guy. Dude played with a broken nose.

“I respect Tom Brady, but when he (tries to fire up his teammates on the sideline), he looks like a dork,” Scott continued. “He’s a cornball. It’s fine. He was a cornball that was a sixth-round draft pick that became maybe the best quarterback in the history of football. He has a hot wife, he has a great life and he has a bunch of hardware. That’s great. But does that not make you a cornball? No, he’s still a cornball. I’m sure his teammates tell him he’s a cornball. It’s fine. . . . I don’t respect him as a tough guy.”


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