Washington’s 106.7 The Fan host

“(They thought internally) that they were going to run away with that division and that they were going to be the top seed in the National League and that this would be the year – because of Scherzer in that rotation – that they break through and win a World Series. You fast-forward to the final couple weeks of the year, and you’re chasing the Mets and unlikely to make the playoffs before getting eliminated this past week, and now you’re here in a situation where this was the last hurrah. This was the last year with this group because of all the departures looming. So I think that frustration really turned into a really poor working environment.”
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JAMIE DUKES – 9/28/15
NFL Network analyst

“The pressure is it’s Super Bowl or bust. I don’t know how. That defense isn’t what it needs to be. That offensive line isn’t what it needs to be, and in this league, you win in the trenches. So they’re anointing them the Super Bowl favorites just based on Luck as opposed to saying, ‘Let’s look at this team. They got assets. They have pieces. But they’re not built yet to be that team.’ And you got to be built for it.”
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NFL Network analyst

“He stands in the pocket well, he throws the ball with accuracy. He does a lot of things that we saw that everyone thought he could do when he was coming out of college. So I’m excited that he has a chance to sit and be in the same system over and over again and get comfortable. You never know. Obviously with the way things are going for the Niners, he might get a chance. You just never know.”
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SEAN ASTIN – 9/29/15

“It reminds people of their childhood. Back then in ’88, the first time Steven Spielberg told me he wanted to do a sequel out of it, I was like, okay. Going with a gang of people that you like on an adventure – what would the next adventure be? They found a pirate ship (in the first one). What would the next one be? I don’t know. It could be really awesome. It could be cool. I want to know. Every movie ever made, somebody at some point goes, ‘What about a sequel?’ And you’re like, ‘Well, the Titanic sank, so I don’t know what you’re going to do for that.’ But people joke, ‘We’ll put that in the sequel.’ And the fact is with Goonies, it would be a great sequel.”
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BART SCOTT – 9/30/15
CBS Sports NFL analyst

“He’s a cornball. It’s fine. He was a cornball that was a sixth-round draft pick that became maybe the best quarterback in the history of football. He has a hot wife, he has a great life and he has a bunch of hardware. That’s great. But does that not make you a cornball? No, he’s still a cornball. I’m sure his teammates tell him he’s a cornball. It’s fine. . . . I don’t respect him as a tough guy.”
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ADAM SCHEIN – 9/30/15
Inside The NFL and TOPS host

“I mean, just the absolute worst. I love how he told the media today – they were asking about throwing too many deep passes, and he goes, ‘No, no, if I have the opportunity, I’m going to let it rip.’ Well, do you know what I would do? I would rip up his contract. I can’t believe he still has a job in the NFL. The division is a mess in the NFC East. I thought the whole ‘Will they miss Tony Romo and Dez Bryant?’ conversation was offensive to Tony Romo and Dez Bryant. I mean, these guys are excellent ball players. Star quarterback, star wide receiver. Brandon Weeden? I give the Cowboys credit for at least trading for Matt Cassel. He’s a better player. How Brandon Weeden is still in the NFL boggles my mind.”
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Utah head coach

“Not that we’ve ever had a lack of focus – because we’ve got a team that works hard and takes care of their business. But they took it to another level in the preparation for last week’s game.”
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TODD FUHRMAN – 10/1/15 analyst

“All the chasers in the world, they’re going to look down their sheet and they’re going to see Oregon barely more than a touchdown favorite against a much-maligned Buffs program. But the reality is, Colorado falls into what we like to call a defensive underdog. They’re better on that side of the football than Oregon, and you can make the case that the Ducks may not get off the plane in Boulder for this one knowing that their season and national-championship aspirations have been dashed. I think Colorado, one of those ugly ducklings – that’s only way to look in this particular game.”
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