TED JOHNSON – 10/5/15
Former NFL LB and current Houston 610 radio host

“It’s the shift in your behavior: depression and anxiety and all that stuff. But back then, I didn’t really know any better. All I knew was when I retired in 2005 is that my head hurt and I didn’t feel like I was the same guy anymore. It really wasn’t until 2007, 2008 that they discovered CTE. . . . If I put myself in today’s NFL knowing what these guys know now, it would be harder for me to play the game because I know every time I get that feeling – getting my bell rung, losing my balance, the vision being blurred and all that goes along with that feeling – (it’s) doing damage to me potentially long-term. So there would be more of a fear piece if I had to play the game now than I did then – because I didn’t know any better back then.”
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ADAM ZUCKER – 10/5/15
CBS Sports Network college football host

“It’s going to be very bright lights and high profile for whoever’s drama is going to take another step backwards, whether it’s the Dogs or the Vols. But Tennessee fans are going nuts right now. They’ve had a rough run of head coaches ever since Phil Fulmer was there. Butch Jones now has the exact same record as Derek Dooley through the same number of games.”
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C.J. NITKOWSKI – 10/6/15
FOX Sports MLB analyst

“If he pitches well, everything will be fine. But that next start of his is going to be heavily scrutinized even though it’s a little bit away. Missing a practice like that in this situation is absolutely uncalled for. Some teammates, I’m sure, (are) really discouraged by this decision that he made.”
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MAC ENGEL – 10/6/15
Fort-Worth Star Telegram columnist

“That team (Texas) is so abominable and God-awful. Seeing them up close in person with my own eyes was just stunning to see what that program – which means so much to so many people and has more resources than some third-world countries – put out there. Its product was a complete and utter embarrassment. And if this continues, he’s not going to make it into his third season.”
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BART SCOTT – 10/7/15
CBS Sports NFL analyst

“The practice squad people aren’t invited to some of the same stuff. They don’t get to hang out. I remember not being invited over to stuff, and you develop a disdain. You develop a hatred. . . . This goes back to my whole Geno Smith thing. Your teammates should love you. You’re the quarterback. You have to understand that it’s not about you. You get all the glory for winning, but you know it’s not all about you. And a lot of times that just comes with the position. Sometimes the quarterback is the weakest link on the team.”
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Former NFL punter

“It’s also valuing the kicker much more than what it did before. They’re not hitting these easy extra points anymore. You need a savvy kicker in there. You can’t roll the dice on these young kickers anymore like you used to. You got to think twice before you’re like, ‘I don’t know if I want to pay this guy who’s in his ninth year $2.5 million to kick field goals for me because I can get a rookie for $400,000.’ That rookie is not going to be ready for what he’s about to be thrown into because you don’t kick those. You kick regular extra points when you’re in college.”
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TODD FUHRMAN – 10/8/15
Sportsline.com analyst

“But when we look at a lot of the things that professional games have put their logos behind, you see lottery tickets with team insignias on them that they’re endorsing. I think there’s just a culture of ignorance where they don’t really understand how much more valuable sports gambling could be if it’s properly regulated and that transparency is created.”
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