BART SCOTT – 10/14/15
TOPS host, former NFL LB

“It’s all for promotion. Don’t even let me get on that. (They’re) pushing agendas to try to do stuff for sponsorship. It’s all to look good. . . . They promote it – until they stop. (And then it’s), ‘All right, enough of that.’ It’s a PR machine.”
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Former Michigan and Michigan State stars

“I thought we would have the same amount of success. They’re playing great defense right now – and anytime you can play great defense, it makes everything else easier. Typically when you have a great defensive team, that means your special teams are pretty solid, too. That’s two parts of the game. When two parts of the game are clicking and buying into the idea of playing tough – I think that’s what this football team has done. It’s why they’ve surprised people – because they’ve turned it on and they bought into his philosophy. You can see they’re playing with passion and playing the type of football that we’re used to seeing on Saturdays.”
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DAN WOLKEN – 10/15/15
USA Today college football reporter

“I think it’s very hard to understand what a breach of protocol that is for a head coach because it just shows such a lack of self-control, a lack of respect for the moment. Most coaches just don’t get involved in anything like that. They don’t drink in public. They don’t go to bars. They certainly wouldn’t drink enough that it would put them in a bad position, especially in this world with all the Instagram and Twitter and whatever else. The jobs pay too much. They’re too hard to get. People just don’t jeopardize themselves in that way unless they have a serious problem. I don’t know why that wasn’t recognized by the folks at USC. Maybe it was and they were just trying to get through the season. But look, the idea that (he was) going to go get some treatment and find out whether (he has) an alcohol problem, well, you can’t do that during a football season. That just doesn’t work. These jobs are too all-consuming. There’s too much stress, too much pressure. Obviously in retrospect it should have all been handled very differently.”
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TODD FUHRMAN – 10/15/15 analyst

“When you’re spending that kind of money on advertising, it’s always going to pop the question: What exactly is going on behind the scenes? What’s the cash flow look like? Why are you able to spend these kind of large amounts in this type of situation? Nevada ruling this quickly is a little bit surprising to myself and people a lot closer to the situation knowing that yes we’re a small state with a population barely around 2 million. But knowing how the state feels about gambling and its willingness to embrace it as far as the state economy – tax ramifications and everything else – other states are definitely going to have to take notice.”
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PETE PRISCO – 10/15/15 NFL analyst

“They’re a good football team. And hey, I’ve been one of those guys that’s picked them the last couple of years to be really good and this year I thought, ‘I’m not so sure about them.’ And I think I’ve undersold them. You’re harsh on that playoff stuff. Tim Tebow won a playoff game and no one thinks he’s any good.”
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