By Shaun Morash

The Watercooler

On Monday morning while the world was still reacting to Chase Utley’s slide, the Bengals big win, and Eli Manning’s masterful drive, I heard nothing from Jerry Jones regarding a shooting at his beloved stadium.

This is disgusting in every which way. Jerry is the most accessible owner in sports. If you need a comment on Tony Romo, he’ll be there. However, when a fan gets shot leaving his new palace he goes silent for the most part. What kind of sick individual’s cheered on, or dare a fan to shoot another fan in a parking lot leaving a game? Has making a trip to a stadium on the weekend become this dangerous?

I personally felt threatened as a NY Giants fan leaving AT&T Stadium Week 1 as a fan, near Collins Street, pulled at my wife’s arm in a drunken unnecessary manner, as other fans fired beer bottles at NY Giants fans. Just a month later, a fan leaving that same stadium, in the same area was shot.

Where is the security in these parking lots leaving games? That’s one question, where is Jerry Jones is one that needs to be answered as well.

Ten Yard Gain

1-Three weeks ago we were told of what a gifted passer Brandon Weeden was. Three weeks later Weeden is benched as the Cowboys have moved onto Matt Cassell. I understand not wanting to panic a fan base or your own locker room. However, the Cowboys looks foolish here for saying such grand things and making this move so soon.

2-Daniel Fells, Giants tight end, likely had his career end as he is going on a week in the hospital now with a scary MRSA infection. There is sure to be more investigating into how he got the infection. If it is the uncleanliness of a facility, then the NFL really needs to step up its efforts to make sure this doesn’t happen anywhere again. When this happened in Tampa Bay we brushed it aside. Now this is twice in two years for two different franchises. That’s too close for comfort.

3-Ben Roethlisberger may have a post playing career as a coach in the NFL. He is already building his resume with his presence on the sidelines of these past couple games. Mike Vick credited Roethlisberger for drawing up a play on the fly that led to a Steelers touchdown. Great field vision, even when he is off the field.

4- Three players from the 1998 draft are left in the NFL. Two of them met Sunday in Oakland. Charles Woodson, at 40, may have had interception of the year in his 2nd pick of the day off Peyton Manning. Sadly both of these guys careers seem to be coming to an end, but boy did they give us a fun show on Sunday.

5- Peyton Manning’s arm is a wet noodle. There is no other way to describe it. We blamed it in January on an injury, that same excuse doesn’t hold weight now. He’s old now, and that’s okay. We must accept it and not be so quick to be horrified at the idea Brock Osweiller may be the best quarterback on the Denver roster.

6- Nobody would have predicted this, but while multiple games went to overtime and frantic finishes were abound through Monday Night, the game of the weekend may have actually been Jaguars/Bucs. Further proving that if a tree falls in the forest, and nobody is around, it does in fact make a noise.

7- Tyrod Taylor suffered an undisclosed injury that reports seem to indicate may keep him out some time. However he practiced Wednesday. Thankfully for Buffalo that was the case, because if it is EJ Manuel time at Orchard Park, it’s not playoff time.

8-It seems like Bill O’Brien legitimately has no idea what the heck he is doing with the Texans. He names a starting quarterback, gives him just 1 half on opening day before going to Mallett. Now he circles back and goes to Hoyer. Either let the young guy play through mistakes or way to go to him in the 1st place. Senseless decision making by the Texans.

9- Here we are heading into Week 6 and the Ravens are 4 games out in their divisional race. The turnover on defense has been evident. Seeing how Baltimore turned over the team in so many areas and is now struggling should teach us just how special the Patriots are for remaining a big time team year in and year out with the many changes around their QB and coach combo.

10-The honeymoon is over for the Andy Reid and Alex Smith era in Kansas City. With just 1 win, and now their best player lost for the season. The Chiefs appear destined for a Top 8 pick. With this draft potentially being quarterback rich, the Chiefs finally need to swing and connect on a true franchise quarterback.

Five Games To Chew On

5 Anchor Bar Wings Game of the Week: Bengals @ Bills- The Bullies barely survived in Tennessee and now have a banged up Tyrod Taylor under center. If Rex Ryan wants to continue to sell us on how things are different in Buffalo then picking off the unbeaten Bengals at home is a good start. Cincinnati’s emotional win over Seattle may have them sleeping early in this game.

4 Primanti Brothers Sandwiches Game of the Week: Cardinals @ Steelers- Ben Roethlisberger has become one heck of a coach the past two weeks. This week he was even practicing, just two weeks after his knee injury. He is expected to spend at least one more week with a clip board and Mike Vick will need him there with the swarming Cardinals defense in town. Arizona came to play on the road vs the hapless Lions, two straight road wins up north would be big time for their division title hopes.

3 Starbucks Grand Lattés Game of the Week: Panthers @ Seahawks- Speaking of the NFC West, if the Seahawks still want to win this thing, a win at home vs a rested Panthers team is a must. Carolina feels underappreciated, even at 4-0, and is seeking revenge on the same field their season ended last January. This sets up to be a defensive slugfest, and may tell us who the real contender in 2015 is.

2 Tony Luke’s Chicken Philly Cheesesteaks Game of the Week: Giants @ Eagles- The Giants have not beaten the Eagles since 2012. The days of Shady McCoy, Jeremy Maclin, and Desean Jackson beating them are now over. The Giants though are banged up, and don’t have a healthy Odell Beckham Jr. This is a big spot for the Eagles at home to prove they are truly back in the mix, but the Giants have a chance to put the NFC East essentially away in the next 2 weeks with wins.

1 Edible Deflated Football Game of the Week: Patriots @ Colts- I expect this game to be a blowout. The reason this will be entertaining is just how much the Patriots look to smack the Colts and run up the score following deflate gate. This will be the biggest must watch blowout all time in the NFL.

My Picks

My unbeaten streak came to an end when the Giants failed to cover 7 vs the 49’ers. That led to a 2-1 week, and 12-4 on the year. Time to add more cushion.

Vikings -4 vs Chiefs- The Chiefs are emotionally devastated following their awful start and the loss of Jamaal Charles. The Vikings have under achieved but this is the perfect spot for them to get right. Extra rest, at home, Adrian Peterson with a chance to go off. Vikings win this by 7-10 points and get the cover.

Dolphins +2.5 @ Titans- The Titans played the Bills tough last week, and get three points just for being at home. I get it, but seeing them as an actual favorite still puzzles me. The Dolphins season will still be a disaster, but the immediate energy Miami can have coming into this game with a new coach and new defensive coordinator may be unmatched by them in any other game this season. Miami gets Dan Campbell his 1st win out right.

Patriots -7.5 @ Colts –As I stated above, this game is a lock road win for New England, and can get scary in the blowout situation. Frankly, the Colts just aren’t very good. The Patriots are licking their chops to lay a big time number on the team that spoiled their Super Bowl fun with Deflate-Gate. This has a 51-14 type potential to it.

Football Food of The Week

Chicken and Pineapple Skewers. Who doesn’t love a Shish-Kabob. A skewer is essentially a slightly smaller kabob, and perfect for football tailgating or snacking. Take chicken cubes and marinade them in Hawaiian Marinade, and stick 3 cubes on a skewer, each cube being separated by a pineapple cube. Grill them, and serve.

This will be sweet and delicious. This is the perfect flavor to have your taste buds do their best touchdown dance.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy another great football weekend. As always you can follow me on Twitter @MrazCBS.


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