The Seattle Seahawks have blown double-digit fourth-quarter leads in back-to-back weeks. The offense can’t stay on the field, the line can’t pass-protect and the defense is giving up big plays.

It’s been a total 2-4 collapse.

“Money and Ciara is the root of all evil,” Bart Scott joked on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “No, I’m not going to blame it on her. I’ll tell you what, man. I know I made a little joke, but money is the root of all evil. I think there’s some jealousy within that locker room, guys that want to get paid – obviously Kam Chancellor, but (Michael) Bennett, I’m sure, (and) some other guys are knocking on the door. Marshawn Lynch hasn’t been healthy. They can’t pass-protect. They’re rushing okay. They can’t pass-protect. The reason that their rushing numbers are up is because Russell Wilson is taking off and making plays with his feet, but you can’t keep asking him to do that for the rest of the season. Usually when he does it, it was usually at important times in the game where you’re sitting back and you have to play coverage and he would hurt you with his feet. But now he’s just having to scramble way too many times and make magic.”

Jimmy Graham leads the offense with 29 catches for 344 yards and two touchdowns, but he hasn’t been as productive as the Seahawks hoped. His blocking also leaves much to be desired. In New Orleans, that wasn’t a problem. In Seattle, with a ground-and-pound offense, it is.

“With Jimmy Graham, it’s almost like you’re in five-man protection because he can’t block,” Scott said. “If you do put him out there to block, you know Russell is going to get pressure from that side.”

Graham, to be fair, went off against Carolina on Sunday, catching eight balls for 140 yards, but the Panthers won the game.

“That’s what (the defense) decided to give up,” Scott said, “but (the Seahawks) lost the game to a team that they have far more talent than. When you put something on tape, you can’t ignore the fact that two of their previous coordinators have been gone and taken away. That’s how you defeat a team. You start hiring their coaches away. You can have the same playbook – just like the Dallas offensive line. They played well the year before, but that was with Bill Callahan. You can have the plays, but if you don’t understand the timing and when to call it, it doesn’t matter.”

The Seahawks, it is worth noting, easily could have lost to the Lions – and probably should have if not for a Calvin Johnson fumble near the goal line and a subsequent missed call by the officials. Had the Seahawks lost that game, they’d be 1-5 with the only win coming against the Jimmy Clausen-led Bears.

Scott is surprised by Seattle’s performance this season, but he isn’t stunned.

“Listen, it’s a three-year run, man,” Scott said. “At some point, we were saying that the San Francisco 49ers were the most potent, talented team with all the first-rounders coming up and maturing all at the same time. And this thing shifts from team to team for the most part. But what happens is, guys are leaving, people don’t fear what they’re doing, people have a sense of what they can and can’t do, and they adjust. We talk about people adjusting to Chip Kelly’s system. People are adjusting to that defense – Cover 3 – and figuring out how to poke holes into the system.”


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