BISHOP SANKEY – 10/19/15
Titans running back

“A loss is a loss. There’s no stat for almost winning. I think for us the last few weeks have been frustrating just knowing how hard we’ve worked and how well we’ve prepared throughout the week. It’s really just a challenge. This league is tough. Each week is going to be a new challenge. I think we just got to keep preparing, keep chugging along, looking on to next week. We got a tough opponent in Atlanta. We just got to do all we can right now to get prepared for them.”
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KIRK FERENTZ – 10/19/15
Iowa head coach

“They’re the ones not playing or coaching in those games. It’s easy to talk about and try to prognosticate, but that’s why football is such a great game. You just never know what’s going to happen. I guess it’s true in other sports as well, but I do know this: In college football, you just never know what’s going to happen. If you’re not ready every week, you may be in for a real rude surprise.”
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WARREN MOON – 10/20/15
Hall of Fame quarterback

“But I guess Chip Kelly saw something in him that he likes. He ran something similar to this in college, but he still didn’t run the football very much in college. But he was a very good thrower. He’s got to get his confidence back in the pocket. He still seems a little skittish to me as far as not wanting to get hit because he’s worried about being injured again. So he’s got to get over that.”
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DENNIS DODD – 10/20/15 college football insider

“Michigan State staying alive by the skin of its teeth certainly supports that, and I think that Michigan at 5-2 kind of played to their level. I think 5-2 before the season for Michigan fans would have been, ‘Yes, please, thank you.’ But they did blow one Saturday.”
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BART SCOTT – 10/21/15
TOPS host

“At some point, we were saying that the San Francisco 49ers were the most potent, talented team with all the first-rounders coming up and maturing all at the same time. And this thing shifts from team to team for the most part. But what happens is, guys are leaving, people don’t fear what they’re doing, people have a sense of what they can and can’t do, and they adjust. We talk about people adjusting to Chip Kelly’s system. People are adjusting to that defense – Cover 3 – and figuring out how to poke holes into the system.”
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BARRY DAVIS – 10/21/15
Rogers Sportsnet Blue Jays reporter

“They did not want to have that being the lasting memory of the way things transpired for them. It was a lot of circumstances that didn’t got the way they were hoping. When you’ve got  a knuckleballer (R.A. Dickey) on the mound, it can go one of two ways – and it’s always going to be that way with a knuckleballer. If it’s floating, there’s a good chance it’s going to get out. If it’s not, it’s going to get hit all over the ball park. Before you knew it, the Jays were down 5-0 and they really could never recover from it.”
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BRENT AXE – 10/22/15
Bills insider

“And lets not forget Bills fans are spoiled by the fact that they’ve had Mike Pettine and Jim Schwartz before that, and here comes Rex Ryan who was supposed to keep that lineage going. (He’s) one of the better defensive minds in football. And we just didn’t see that last week.”
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TODD FUHRMAN – 10/22/15 analyst

“It’ll be fascinating to watch Brandon Harris this weekend for the Tigers against Western Kentucky, where LSU is a 17-point home favorite against one of the more unheralded offenses in the entire country.”
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