Instead of suspending Greg Hardy, as many have called for, the Dallas Cowboys are instead defending the actions of the troubled defensive end.


“I think part of it is because they’re struggling,” 105.3 The Fan host RJ Choppy said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “If they were 6-1 or 5-1, I truly believe they may have gone ahead and disciplined him – because I feel you could afford to at that point. But they’re on the brink here of losing that season. They got Carolina, they got Seattle and Philadelphia coming up . . . they got a tough schedule. I think they’re really kind of at the brink here of losing this season and they’re trying to keep everything in house. They’re not trying to discipline him. That’s the only thing I can think of.”

The Cowboys might not suspend Hardy, but they need to do something.

“The danger here is – and we’ve seen this around sports,” Choppy said. “If a coach lets a guy like this get away with what Greg Hardy’s gotten away with here in two weeks, (it’s risky). I know for a fact that the Cowboys told him – when he said those comments a couple weeks ago about Tom Brady’s wife – the Cowboys specifically told him, ‘Stick to football. These are the talking points. Don’t bring up guns. Don’t bring up violence. Don’t bring up women.’ And he went rogue. So there’s two strikes against him.”

Complicating matters further? Hardy allegedly missed practice Thursday morning and didn’t tell the team about it.

“That’s three strikes, really,” Choppy said. “This is how you lose locker rooms. And the one thing Jason Garrett has been very good at is keeping the locker room. When Josh Brent had the accident with Jerry Brown and he had the vehicular homicide with his teammate, they went up the next day and they beat Cincinnati on the road. It was a good Cincinnati team. Jason Garrett keeps the locker rooms. He’s always kept the locker rooms. He’s never lost his team. This is how you lose teams, though, if you just kind of let guys do whatever they want.”

There’s one thing, however, that DA can’t get over: it’s one thing to not discipline Hardy, but it’s quite another to praise him for being a leader and an inspiration. How can the organization be so delusional and so tone-deaf?

“Sometimes Jerry just speaks,” Choppy said. “He just comes out and says things. I could just see Jason Garrett bowing his head in the background like, ‘No, don’t say that’ – because that’s not how Jason would call it. They’re going to deal with this in-house. They’re talking to him in-house. It’s not like they’re going to let this slide and call him a leader. I honestly don’t know what they’re going to do or what they’ve done or what they’ve said to him, but just knowing Jason Garrett and how he’s acted over the years, he will talk to him. He will do something. He won’t let it get out, though. Whatever he winds up doing. . . they’re going to keep this as far in house as they can.”


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