MIKE FREEMAN – 10/26/15
Bleacher Report NFL columnist

“So I think the Cowboys are sort of seeing that. What you’re saying is completely smart and rational and would happen in almost any case, but he’s a volatile guy. And remember: When Hardy was a free agent and he had been cleared and he was able to sign, it’s not like there were a lot of teams standing in line to get him. They knew his background. They knew that he was this volatile guy, so a lot of guys stayed away from him – despite the fact that he’s one of the most physically gifted guys in the league. But this is what you get. If you’re the Cowboys, you knew what you were signing up for. You knew what he was and this shouldn’t surprise them. I guess what’s surprising to me and to you and probably to your listeners is the distance the team is going to defend him. It’s pretty remarkable to see, actually.”
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RJ CHOPPY – 10/26/15
105.3 The Fan host

“He just comes out and says things. I could just see Jason Garrett bowing his head in the background like, ‘No, don’t say that’ – because that’s not how Jason would call it. They’re going to deal with this in-house. They’re talking to him in-house. It’s not like they’re going to let this slide and call him a leader. I honestly don’t know what they’re going to do or what they’ve done or what they’ve said to him, but just knowing Jason Garrett and how he’s acted over the years, he will talk to him. He will do something. He won’t let it get out, though. Whatever he winds up doing. . . they’re going to keep this as far in house as they can.”
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Bleacher Report college football analyst

“And despite having such great talent down in that area, it’s where all the other schools are coming in to get (recruits). So they need to be able to win over the top recruits – not just the second- or third-tier recruits – to be able to be successful. And the last few coaches haven’t been able to do that.”
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JIM TROTTER – 10/27/15
ESPN NFL reporter

“He was still that guy publicly. If he met you – even at the end of his life – if he met you on the street, he still had the ability to make you feel like you were the most special person on the planet, that you were the only person that mattered. He called everyone ‘buddy’ – some because he couldn’t remember your name and others because he just felt like it was important to connect to people. So that part of him was still there. He would make you feel special, but behind the scenes, there were other issues going on.”
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BART SCOTT – 10/28/15
CBS Sports Network NFL analyst

“It’s easy to go along with your buddy or go along with somebody you’re playing with when they’re complaining. I remember in college, I had a (teammate) – Travis Madison – come to me all the time. ‘Coach is screwing me, man. He’s got this white boy playing over me.’ I said, ‘Travis, that dude’s better than you. It ain’t even close. So don’t expect me to come here and agree what you. It’s my responsibility as your friend to let you know he’s better than you. Him being white got nothing to do with him playing over you.’ I’m going to keep it real.”
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GERRY DINARDO – 10/28/15
Big Ten Network analyst

“To be voted as a captain as a sophomore at an elite program in the country, there has to be something special about that person’s leadership, his personality, his (ability) to be a teammate. As I study the coaching tape, in the games that both quarterbacks play – unless it’s just because this is what I think I want to see – it seems to me in the games where they both play, the minute J.T. came in the game, the offensive line blocked better, the whole team looked like it was in sync. So it’s not only what J.T. brings as a player; it’s the energy that surrounds him once he enters the game.”
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“Even down (0-2) now, we’ve been through this before throughout the season, and I think they know how to come back from this. (But this has been) a good thing, so I feel proud about it. It’s been a great experience.”
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C.J. NITKOWSKI – 10/29/15
Eye on Baseball host

“It’s a really bad combination unfortunately for the Mets. You have a team like the Kansas City Royals that just don’t swing and miss. They don’t strike out. (They had the) least amount of strikeouts in baseball (and the) least amount of swings and misses in all of Major League Baseball. They’re a contact team, which is completely atypical of what we see in Major League Baseball. That doesn’t mean they’re necessarily the most disciplined. They’ll go out of the zone, but they make a ton of contact. So if you get Matt Harvey a little bit tired and you get Jacob deGrom a little bit tired and you get a contact team that is strong 1 through 9, that definitely presents a problem, and that’s what we have seen so far. That’s how things have unfolded.”
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