Earlier this month, “Will from Queens” gained New York fame overnight, this after calling Mike Francesa and crying on air while speaking passionately about his favorite team, the New York Mets, during the NLDS. Francesa was so moved by Will’s love for the Mets that he let him go to Game 3 with him and sit in his seats behind home plate.

“Mike couldn’t have been better to me,” Will said in-studio on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “He was so happy letting me have a great time. He treated me great. They got down early, but I remember just feeling so . . .”

Will trailed off.

“I kept looking up into the upper decks being like, ‘That’s where I sit with my students, and here I am behind home plate,’” he said. “The Mets come back and the place is rocking, the weather was perfect – it was just joyous. It was electric, and it was worth the wait.”

The Mets beat the Dodgers, 13-7, in Game 3. They won the NLDS and then beat the Cubs in the NLCS to advance to their first World Series since 2000.

The nice part is that Will’s newfound fame is going to a good cause. He is selling a shirt that says “We’re all Will from Queens,” with proceeds going to the math program at Russell Sage Junior High School, where Will teaches.

“That night (Game 3) was the greatest sports moment or thing I’ve ever been a part of,” he said, “but now it’s gone from that to trying to harness that and using it to promote our math team and fund some of the stuff we’re doing. So we’re selling the shirts now, and everybody’s on board so it’s been great.”

Will said he has gotten nothing about positive feedback throughout this process.

“I got people hugging me on the street,” Will said. “My kids are coming in, my students – their parents are crying over it. I’m dead serious.”

As Will explained, the math program is always in need of funding. You can purchase T-shirts by going to the Russell Sage Math Team page on gofundme, or by visiting the school’s PTA website, pta190.org.

As for the series, Will isn’t counting out his Mets just yet.

“It just seems like it’s our time,” he said. “Even down (0-2) now, we’ve been through this before throughout the season, and I think they know how to come back from this. (But this has been) a good thing, so I feel proud about it. It’s been a great experience.”


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