Let’s just say it: If you look around the NFL, there are a lot of bad quarterbacks.

Like, really bad quarterbacks. For every Tom Brady, there are three Blaine Gabberts.

That’s the way it seems, at least.

“It’s either the haves or have-nots, and listen, there’s never been so many bad quarterbacks in the NFL – ever,” NFL Today on CBS host Bart Scott told Chris Moore, who was filling in as host of CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “Still, the old guys are really showing these young guys how to play football. They’re allowed to stay at the top for a long time because there’s nobody behind them that’s pressing them.”

“I haven’t looked at my schedule yet,” Scott continued. “I don’t know who San Francisco is playing, but whoever they’re playing, their defense might get a Pro Bowl nod this week. They might get 20 sacks against Blaine Gabbert. If Blaine Gabbert is starting in the NFL, something is wrong. I could make a comeback.”

The 49ers, if you’re curious, host Atlanta (6-2) on Sunday at 4:05 p.m. ET.

Getting back to poor NFL quarterback play, Scott believes that the college game is partly to blame.

“What’s happening is, a lot of these quarterbacks aren’t getting an opportunity to develop because they’re playing a spread offense and it’s pretty much the coach is doing all the thinking for them,” Scott said. “They don’t even know how to call plays. They have signs and you got people with billboards telling you what the play is, telling the whole team what the play is. So then they’re not making audibles. So then they’re not going through progressions because they do all the thinking for you. So to me, college is like my Little League team. I get to go on the field with my son, and I’m in the back, and once I see what the formation is, I say, ‘Hey, everybody move left.’ But at some point, I’m going to have to step off the field and they’re going to have to think for themselves.

“So what’s happening in collegiate sports is the head coaches are doing all the thinking because all they care about is winning,” Scott continued. “They don’t care about developing the kid and giving him the opportunity to be a great pro. They just care about winning and when he’s gone, he’s gone. The only places (where players) really develop (are programs that run) pro-style offenses, but they don’t have the flash and put up all the points of a Baylor or a TCU or Oregon. But when those guys come in from a place like Stanford, from a place like Clemson, from Florida State, they know how to play the game.”

What is a coach? Scott asked. A teacher, Moore answered.


“The coaches at major universities are doing a bad job of being an educator,” Scott said. “When a kid leaves, he’s supposed to know more, right? He’s supposed to graduate. When he graduates from high school to college, he’s supposed to know more. He’s supposed to be enhanced from his experience. The light’s supposed to come on. He’s supposed to be developed. He’s supposed to have skills. People forget the coaches at these universities are teachers and they’re supposed to prepare like most professionals, prepare the athlete to be a professional – and they’re not doing that. They’re more concerned with winning. It’s just like if you go into some of these high schools and they’re just trying to prepare their kids to pass the state-assessment test. But then they’re not really preparing their kids to write a paper, how to build a paper. They’re just making sure they cover their butts – and that’s what’s happening in college.”


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