Ronda Rousey will put her bantamweight championship on the line against another undefeated fighter, Holly Holm, at UFC 193 this Saturday in Melbourne, Australia.
While Holm is undefeated, one must wonder how long this fight will actually last. Rousey has won her last four fights in the first round. In fact, her last three fights lasted just 64 seconds – combined.
Does Rousey’s quick-work routine just add to her aura?
In a word, yes.
“We keep bringing her the competition,” UFC president Dana White said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “She’s getting the competition. Holly Holm is a 19-time world boxing champion. She’s undefeated in MMA now. She’s 9-0, won in six by head-kick knockout. And when you look at this fight, Ronda is 12-0. Ronda has 12 fights in mixed marital arts. Holly Holm has like 45 fights. She has three times the experience that Ronda does. This is a real fight. This is a real test for Ronda. Normally these girls go in and they charge right after Ronda. Holly Holm is a master of distance and range. She’s got the height and reach advantage over Ronda, she’s got obviously very good punches and great head-kicks. She’s going to stay on the outside and she’s going to try to pick Ronda apart, so this is a very good test for Ronda.”
Rousey reminds DA of Mike Tyson in the late-80s and early 90s. Part of Tyson’s allure at that time was his dominance. The same can be said for Rousey now.
“We go out and we find (the best competition for her),” White said. “When she fought Cat Zingano, many people thought Cat Zingano was going to win that fight. Ronda destroyed Cat Zingano in (14) seconds. So she is without a doubt our Mike Tyson. We have another really talented good fighter in front of her and we’ll see what happens.”
DA wondered if there was another male athlete to whom Rousey could be compared. Babe Ruth? Wilt Chamberlain?
“She’s our Jordan,” White said. “She’s our Jordan. She’s without a doubt our Michael Jordan. If you look at my stance a few years ago on women’s MMA, I wasn’t interested in it. Then I met Ronda and look at the massive superstar she’s become. Think about this, right? If you look at women’s sports in general, in MMA, these girls fight five rounds just like the guys fight. They fight five five-minute rounds just like the men do. They do everything the same as the men do. Ronda does everything better than everybody.”
People have noticed. Rousey will be headlining UFC 193 at Etihad Stadium, a 70,000-seat arena.
“This girl continues to break records, continues to break down barriers and continues to just game change,” White said. “She’s a game-changer. … Ronda Rousey is the greatest athlete that I’ve ever worked with. I’ve been in the fight business since I was 19, and we’ve had tons of big stars and great fighters. Ronda is the entire package.”

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