There are rumors that Charlie Strong, who is just 10-12 at Texas, could resign and accept the head-coaching position at Miami. Strong dismissed those rumors at a press conference Wednesday, saying he came to Texas to build a program.

Unfortunately, that program needs to win its final two games of the season just to get to 6-6.

Might Strong actually bolt Austin for Miami?

“Well, if he was going to do it, he’s not going to do it that way,” AP college football reporter Ralph Russo said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “I can definitely tell you he’s not going to get up with two games left in the season and announce it at his press conference. Is there some validity (to the rumors)? I think if you are Charlie Strong and you think you might get fired after this year, maybe you look at some other situations that could be good landing spots and decide maybe Miami, South Carolina – places like that – would be good fits for me. The problem is, a) I don’t think Charlie Strong is going to get fired, and b) unless Miami breaks character, it will probably take a pay cut for Charlie Strong to go to Miami. Generally speaking, Miami is not paying $4 million-plus for a coach, which is where Strong is. Strong is in that ball park.

“So I’m a little skeptical about this stuff,” Russo continued. “I think it makes a lot of sense and I think if Charlie is feeling some pressure and thinking like the school and the administrant doesn’t support him, (that could influence him). But that was the problem with (Steve) Patterson. Patterson’s gone. The other thing about Charlie, I can’t imagine Charlie bailing out on his kids this way. That would be the thing that would make me think it’s most unlikely for Strong to bail because he’d be leaving a lot of kids behind who he has (told), ‘Hey, trust me. We’ll do this together. Be loyal to me, and we’ll turn this into a winner.’”

Strong, it is worth noting, was an assistant in Gainesville under Urban Meyer and recruited the state of Florida very well as head coach at Louisville. The pressure to win now at Miami is also not as great as it is at Texas.

Might a move to Miami actually make sense for the 55-year-old Strong?

“You have to get deep inside that Texas program,” Russo said. “The things that were becoming uncomfortable for Strong . . . (have) been removed. The new AD basically came in to create a better situation for the boosters and be a guy who is going to mend some of those fences, but also to do a better job of supporting Charlie Strong to a certain degree. If you’re Texas, I don’t think Texas is looking to get rid of Strong. So why, if you are Charlie Strong – if you are the coach of Texas and making all the money you’re making there – why do you leave that behind after only two years? Again, there are some logical spots, but it’s really hard to give up Texas. It’s really hard to give up Texas.”


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