JARED ALLEN – 11/16/15
Panthers DE

“I try to take every year by itself and evaluate what I’ve done and where I’m at, how my body feels. Can I prepare for the following year? Do I have the same enthusiasm about the game? But yeah, winning is obviously contagious. You start having fun again. My last couple years in Minnesota were rough. We didn’t win too many games, and obviously Chicago, we didn’t win too many. I never planned on being on four teams, but here I am siting at 9-0, loving life, loving football. Hopefully we can continue this, win our division, do some damage in the playoffs and get where we want to get.”
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ANDY LINDAHL – 11/16/15
Broncos sideline reporter

“John Elway said it when he introduced Gary Kubiak: This team is bigger than one player. That’s why he chose a coach and a system he’s comfortable with even though it doesn’t match up with Manning’s skill set – and I don’t think John’s afraid to make that decision. But we’re putting the cart before the horse. Brock has to show that he’s better than your typical first-year starter in the next couple games.”
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T.J. DUCKETT – 11/17/15
Former Michigan State RB

“I think this is going to be their first big test. All the other teams, they were tested but they were able to overpower and they had more talent than other teams. If Michigan State can come in firing on all levels, Ohio State will not be able to start slow, they will not be able to make those mistakes, and quite frankly, if they start having some pressure, we may see them put in situations we haven’t seen all year – and they may not be able to answer.”
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CBS Sports NFL insider

“I’m sure they’ll win a few more games. They’ll probably get in the playoffs. But that, to me, does not look like a team that’s going to go out and win three games in January and one more in February. I just don’t see it as presently constructed. It’s going to take some Herculean stuff from Rodgers if they do.”
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BART SCOTT – 11/18/15
The NFL Today on CBS analyst

“He was taking shots down the field, his arm looked strong. So let’s go back and rehab and act like we’re coming back . . . (for) a three-game season.”
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RALPH RUSSO – 11/18/15
AP college football reporter

“The things that were becoming uncomfortable for Strong . . . (have) been removed. The new AD basically came in to create a better situation for the boosters and be a guy who is going to mend some of those fences, but also to do a better job of supporting Charlie Strong to a certain degree. If you’re Texas, I don’t think Texas is looking to get rid of Strong. So why, if you are Charlie Strong – if you are the coach of Texas and making all the money you’re making there – why do you leave that behind after only two years? Again, there are some logical spots, but it’s really hard to give up Texas. It’s really hard to give up Texas.”
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CBS-TV New York reporter

“(Porzingis) did the smartest thing by saying, ‘I’m riding Carmelo’s coattails. Whatever Carmelo wants, I’m going to be part of your team – whatever you need.’ Once he got Melo on his side, I don’t know. Maybe that was one of the things that helped boost him. Maybe Phil got into his head.”
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TODD FUHRMAN – 11/19/15
Sportsline.com analyst

“Senior Day in Columbus. We’ve seen this offense look so much more explosive with J.T. Barrett and Ezekiel Elliott out there clicking on all cylinders. I think the Ohio State defense – you mentioned where they rank statistically – a lot of that is byproduct of their schedule. But at the same time, Michigan State (is) not anything close to the offensive capabilities we saw a year ago when they took Baylor to the wire in their bowl game.”
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