TROY BROWN – 11/30/15
Former Patriots WR 

“(He) completed some tough throws, and man, he’s got an arm on him. I just don’t know if Peyton at this point in his career would have been able to pull it off.”
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HOUSTON NUTT – 11/30/15
CBS Sports Network college football analyst

“When you look at Oklahoma, they’re done. Hey, it’s over. They done won the Big 12. They’re setting real nice. They’re in. And so the other teams that are having to play one more game (are) not all the way in yet.”
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NFL Network analyst

“You’re in your living room jumping up and down because you felt like you’re enjoying this situation with him. You’re enjoying the party with him. So for me, the reason that Cam is so polarizing is because right now it seems like he’s having the most fun in the league.”
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TOM HERMAN – 12/1/15
Houston football coach

“For years, both programs have bene kind of overlooked – maybe to the point of (being) disrespected even. I think Coach (Matt) Rhule has done an excellent job of elevating his program, and what we’ve been able to accomplish here – we do it with kids that certainly have a chip on their shoulder. They may be an inch too short or a step too slow on the clock when they time a 40, but they play with a tremendous amount of energy and enthusiasm and physicality. And you’re exactly right. I think it’ll be two teams that pattern themselves after the same underdog mentality.”
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BART SCOTT – 12/2/15
CBS NFL Today analyst

“You go there, you’re going to win at least 12 games. That’s fine. Let him pull that same stuff with Jimmy Garoppolo and they’re losing and he’s still trying to pull that. What happens is you won’t be able to lure the free agents there either. If I’m a free agent, I’m not going to go with Chip Kelly because as soon as my guaranteed money is out and I have a bad season, he may get rid of me.”
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NHL on NBC analyst

“I had to hold tears back. I don’t know if I was more afraid of Mike Keenan killing me or not playing in the National Hockey League ever – because I didn’t know what would happen to me if I didn’t play in the National Hockey League. So I said screw it. I just started becoming a human torpedo. I would go as fast as I could and just hurl myself into people. Ice bags after every game, but it became part of my game. It became part of my persona and people enjoyed it and I started to enjoy it. But Keenan made me do it.”
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TODD FUHRMAN – 12/3/15 analyst

“You do have to pay a premium if you want to back teams with those fancy alpha numerics next to them. I think that Dabo Swinney has gone a little more vanilla in the play-calling. Beating Wake Forest and South Carolina, amongst others, you really don’t need to show too much – and clearly Clemson had their sights on a little bit more as far as accomplishments were concerned than covering a (four-touchdown spread) in those conference games.”
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