The MMA world has been waiting for this for a long time, and come Saturday, the wait will be over. Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo will square off at UFC 194 in Las Vegas.

McGregor’s confidence, not surprisingly, is only growing as the match nears.

“(Aldo) does not stand a chance,” McGregor said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “One shot and he will turn into a panic wrestler like most humans do in a panic situation, regardless of sport. If you punch or kick a man hard enough where he panics – a human that is in panic looks to grab. This happens in all sports. It’s human nature. We grab. So that’s what I’m facing here. I’m facing another panic wrestler – because he will not take my power. I will hit him, he will panic, he will look to grab, I will evade and I will hit him again and it will be done.”

This fight was originally supposed to take place at UFC 189 in July, but Aldo pulled put due to a rib injury. McGregor, who fought Chad Mendes instead, was unfazed.

“I remain laser-focused,” he said. “I kept my eye on the prize. I zoned in. That’s it. Now I’m back here in Sin City. I touched down (Monday) night. Preparation has been perfect. I’m ready to go in there and put on a (show). . . . If the fight (with Aldo) happened six months ago, if the fight happened today, if the fight happened Saturday, if the fight happened six months from now – I’d still whoop his ass. I’m still hungry. I’m 27. I’m in my prime. There are many, many accolades I look to accomplish in this game, so I stay hungry, I stay focused and I stay ready.”

McGregor (18-2) has won 14 straight fights – 13 within the first two rounds. He has not lost a fight since November 2010. Aldo (25-1) has won 18 straight fights and has not lost since November 2005.

With the fight just days away, McGregor is focused on managing his weight, fulfilling his final media obligations, staying loose, and keeping his mind sharp and his body fresh.

“That’s it,” he said. “It’s another day for me in this job.”

After the Friday weigh-in, McGregor said he will “eat like a scientist” before entering the octagon Saturday.

“Everything will be correct and measured,” he said. “Everything will be going into my body to rehydrate me and bring me back to full strength and full weight. And then Saturday I will continue eating. It’s a beautiful day post weigh-in on Saturday where I eat and eat and eat correctly and then rest and enter the contest fresh and full of energy. That’s my routine.”


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