LeSean McCoy was traded from Philadelphia to Buffalo this past offseason, and apparently he hasn’t forgotten about it. The Bills play the Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday, but don’t expect McCoy and former head coach Chip Kelly to have a special moment before the game.

Or during it. Or after it.

McCoy said Wednesday that he and Kelly will not be shaking hands this weekend and that “there’s nothing for us to talk about.”


If you think McCoy should just get over what happened and be the bigger man, well, Bart Scott disagrees.

“I appreciate his honesty,” Scott said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “Bigger man? For what? Man, come on, man. Listen, this is an emotional game you play. You put your livelihood, you put your health on the line, you work together – it’s more of a business partnership. What’s the best award you can get on radio?”

The Marconi Award, DA answered.

“Okay, you get the mythical award,” Scott said, “and then CBS says, ‘You know what? We don’t need you no more.’ And then you go roll with FOX, and then CBS says, ‘Hey, man, can you come over here and speak here and do something like that?’ What are you going to say? Man, hell no. . . . I just don’t like how open expect athletes to be the bigger person that they wouldn’t be. . . . When somebody like Shady becomes honest and tells you his real feelings and his real emotions,  you judge him for them. You can’t tell someone how to feel.”

DA asked Scott how many of Kelly’s former players probably feel as strongly as McCoy does.

“Every single one,” Scott said. “You don’t think DeSean gets up for that? You don’t think DeSean can’t wait to face Chip and go deep?

“I think all players feel that way,” Scott went on to say. “It feels more personal when you have your best season or you have a great season and you get cut – because there’s really no explanation for it. You think they’d rather have DeMarco or Shady right now?”

Shady, no doubt. Murray, who rushed for a league-leading 1,845 yards last year, has just 569 yards on 3.5 yards per carry this season. McCoy, meanwhile, is averaging 4.6 yards per carry and has more than 1,000 total yards.

Scott expects McCoy to take Sunday personally. He also expects the same from Rex Ryan and the rest of the Buffalo Bills.

“I speak fluent Rex,” Scott said of his former coach. “I can guarantee you there’s a 98 percent chance that (Murray will get hit in this game). It’s going to be something schemed up that he’s going to have to take on somebody and they’re going to try and do damage. . . . I guarantee you in the team meeting, (Rex) was saying, ‘Listen, this is personal for one of your teammates, one of your family members. This is personal. I want you to focus this week. We got something special in. We’re going to take care of business. Listen, Shady, we want you here. We love you here. That’s why we gave you this extension – because we believe in you.’ It’s going to be hot, man.”

Kickoff is at 1 p.m. ET.


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