ADAM KRAMER – 12/7/15
Bleacher Report college football columnist

“Should you penalize a team for playing that extra game? I think that’s the right decision. I think it’s the right call. (It’s been) kind of a dream year for Iowa. And look, the consolation prize for us and Ohio State is the fact that they get to play Notre Dame. They probably give us, outside of the playoff games, maybe the most intriguing bowl matchup of them all.”
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ALBERT BREER – 12/7/15
NFL Network analyst

“I think it shows the value of Rob Gronkowski, who’s the one player they have offensively who can kind of carry coverage with him. You see the lack of trust in what Brady has in what’s around him right now – and that’s not just Gronk. That’s also having Amendola not quite at full strength yet and having Edelman out of the lineup. A lot of what they were able to do early in the year, they can’t do anymore. There are more options there for defenses as far as how you want to go after them.”
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NAJEE GOODE – 12/8/15
Eagles linebacker

“That’s another reason why they’re really good. They play the game hard. They want to keep scoring. They want to keep pouring it on. When they did that, it was a sign of them trying to impose their will on us and trying to just kick us out of the stadium – and we responded to it. It was just a crazy play that they actually tried. In our mind, it was a crazy play. Then we came back with the block punt.”
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UFC fighter

“Everything will be going into my body to rehydrate me and bring me back to full strength and full weight. And then Saturday I will continue eating. It’s a beautiful day post weigh-in on Saturday where I eat and eat and eat correctly and then rest and enter the contest fresh and full of energy. That’s my routine.”
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BART SCOTT – 12/9/15
CBS NFL Today analyst

“It feels more personal when you have your best season or you have a great season and you get cut – because there’s really no explanation for it. You think they’d rather have DeMarco or Shady right now?”
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Navy QB

“The people that we have played against, most of them are regular schools and now you get a service academy. Same thing with Air Force. You (play) somebody who has given their lives to something bigger than themselves just like you. It’s pretty awesome.”
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TODD FUHRMAN – 12/10/15 analyst

“Of course, if New England has to go on the road and play Wild Card weekend, that changes the dynamics completely. But oddsmakers don’t want to inflate this price too much too fast knowing that Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman should both be back for a playoff run. And the one thing lost in last week’s disappointing performance against the Eagles was the New England defense was outstanding yet again. The Eagles were the beneficiaries of three non-offensive touchdowns. I think if the Patriots can sort out some of these issues, losing to the Eagles and Broncos will be afterthoughts when we talk about their playoff prospects.”
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