If Sunday Night Football and Monday Night Football and Thursday Night Football weren’t enough, have no fear: Saturday Night Football is just around the corner.

The Cowboys host the Jets this Saturday at 8:25 p.m. ET. New York, which has won three straight games, is favored by three points.

That spread is a little low, no?

“Well, this one’s real interesting because if you look at the overall power numbers and power profile, this game should be closer to a pick-em,” Vegas virtuoso and sportsline.com guru Todd Fuhrman said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “But this time of the year, books know that the general public – especially in a Saturday-night standalone time slot – is going to back the team vying for playoff position while Dallas is effective just playing out the season. The number opened as low as two-and-a-half, and that’s been public and sharp support pushing it upwards at three-and-a-half. I think it could climb even as high as four, where you’ll see some buy back. In what should be a lower scoring game, you wan to try and make a case for Dallas. But given what I saw last week for the Cowboys against that Green Bay power ground-and-pound attack, the only way I’d be looking is to go under. I want no part of backing Jason Garrett with Matt Cassel leading the charge.”

But how can the Jets and Cowboys be close in the power rankings? The Jets are 8-5, and Ryan Fitzpatrick, who has nine touchdowns and zero interceptions in his last three games, has been untouchable. Dallas, meanwhile, is a 4-9 dumpster fire with a revolving door of incompetence at quarterback.

How are these teams even remotely close?

“Well, when you look at this Cowboys’ defense, that’s actually been the strength (of their team), so it’s allowed them to stay afloat in the eyes of oddsmakers,” Fuhrman explained. “But oftentimes, the final handful of weeks this season, you have to inflate price tags and that’s kind of what you’re seeing here. So when I talk about some sharp money coming in on the Jets early, that’s with anticipation knowing that the number is going to push through a field goal and there could be a little bit of resistance there. A short week, a team traveling, the Jets look great against the Titans, could be an opportunity to sell high. And I can tell you one thing: Sports books will definitely need the Cowboys. About 80 percent to the early action (is) coming in on the road favorites in Gang Green.”


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