BRADY QUINN – 12/14/15
CBS Sports NFL analyst

“When you compare him to Peyton Manning, to me, there’s no comparison. This is a quarterback who was able to have a number of starts. The book’s out. People kind of know how to attack Brock Osweiler in the pocket, how to rush him, how to confuse him a little for the coverages. If you can stop that running game and put it all on him, you see what happens. So clearly, I don’t think there should be any more discussion. I think it was stupid to hear about it in the first place, that anyone’s thinking Osweiler should play over Peyton Manning.”
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P.J. FLECK – 12/14/15
Western Michigan head coach

“We had one of the best recruiting classes ever in the history of our conference, and we’re on our way to back-to-back to back No. 1 recruiting classes in our conference by a long shot. Out of those 18 freshmen, I think it was eight that became all-conference. Now we have 11 that are all conference this year. We only have nine seniors and a few juniors. We’ve got a very young team but we’re starting to gain experience and gain confidence and they’re incredible people, incredible men, and they’re really busting their butt and been developed within our program as student-athletes.”
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J.T. THOMAS – 12/15/15
Giants linebacker

“That’s something that we witness and it kind of gives us inspiration. We look forward to approaching each one of these games knowing that our focus is urgent, precise, (and) just knowing exactly what Coach Coughlin wants us to do week in and week out.”
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GREG BEDARD – 12/15/15
SI NFL writer

“So as opposed to, say, the Cowboys, the Saints and the Falcons, this is a good test (for the Panthers). This is not going to be an easy victory for them. They’re going to have to go in and win that game or else they’re going to get dealt their first loss.”
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BART SCOTT – 12/16/15
CBS NFL Today analyst

“What kind of crap is that, bro? I think the Heisman has become like the Pro Bowl voting. You just vote for the brand that you know, and you just say, ‘Okay, the media has been pushing the guy. He must be the best.’ And then you put the ballot in. If you break down the film, if you talk about a guy that impacts the game more, it’s (McCaffrey). I think people underestimate how good this guy was.”
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TODD FUHRMAN – 12/17/15 analyst

“But this time of the year, books know that the general public – especially in a Saturday-night standalone time slot – is going to back the team vying for playoff position while Dallas is effective just playing out the season. The number opened as low as two-and-a-half, and that’s been public and sharp support pushing it upwards at three-and-a-half. I think it could climb even as high as four, where you’ll see some buy back. In what should be a lower scoring game, you wan to try and make a case for Dallas. But given what I saw last week for the Cowboys against that Green Bay power ground-and-pound attack, the only way I’d be looking is to go under. I want no part of backing Jason Garrett with Matt Cassel leading the charge.”
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ROSS TUCKER – 12/17/15
Host of the Ross Tucker Podcast

“I think they’ll win two out of these last three games in some way shape or form, which might even give them a bye, which would be huge. But I don’t picture them winning playoff games with McCarron, and I’m not sure I picture them winning playoff games with a beat-up Dalton.”
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