UFC fighter Ryan Bader was an All-American wrestler at Arizona State, which is hard to believe – not because Bader wasn’t talented, but because, well, it’s hard to get any work done at a place like that.

“That’s what they told me,” Bader said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “I was getting recruited by a Northern Iowa coach and he goes, ‘You know you’re not going to be good at wrestling if you go there. All it is is girls, palm trees and drinking.’ And I go, ‘It sounds good to me. I want to go.”

Bader was asked if he checked those three things off the list during his undergrad days.

“I checked them all off,” Bader said, laughing. “We had a good time.”

DA has been to Arizona State and remembers it vividly. It’s pretty much always 85 degrees, there’s always beautiful women outside wearing next to nothing, and there are pools and outdoor cantinas all over campus. If DA were a student there, he would never go to class. In fact, he would probably never go inside a building.

“Yeah, it was tough,” Bader said, speaking from experience. “That’s why it’s kind of hard to believe they don’t have the best sports teams across the board as far as getting recruits in. They took me down Palm Walk, which is like the famous walk with palm trees and you have the girls in the tiny jean shorts. They’re all blonde, blue eyes – and then it’s the pools everywhere. Beautiful people just having fun.

“That being said, we did buckle down in wrestling season,” Bader continued. “That’s why I was grumpy most of the time from October to March. I was making weight every weekend, I wasn’t drinking – and I don’t drink during training camp for MMA, either – and then afterwards you fell off the wagon hard and have your fun. But I never got a proper spring break while I was there because nationals always fell on that same weekend. But it was an amazing place. I’m still there.”


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