If you want an example of awful journalism, look no further than Al Jazeera’s “report” linking Peyton Manning to performance-enhancing drugs. The story had plenty of style but not much substance.

That’s a problem.

“Journalistically, I think it’s a third-rate piece of work,” Showtime Sports correspondent Armen Keteyian said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “It’s disturbing to me that a story like that that was, I think, shoddy and irresponsible when it comes to the journalism in trying to prove – and I’ll put quotes around that word – that Peyton manning was involved in using HGH. It’s almost like you say, ‘A equals B, B equals C, then A equals C.’ That’s just not fair. It’s not responsible. It’s not professional. I don’t know whether Peyton did HGH or not, and I don’t think Al Jazeera knows. I think they may have proven that his wife, for various reasons, health reasons, may have been receiving HGH from this anti-aging clinic, but so what? There’s no proof there. There’s no emails, there’s no receipts, there’s no nothing.”

Charles Sly, who accused Manning of using banned substances, has backed off his claims entirely, saying, “I am recanting (my) statements,” and “There is no truth to any statement of mine.”

That’s also a problem.

“You already have this ex-employee recanting what he said on camera to Al Jazeera,” Keteyian said. “To me, when you are making these kinds of allegations, whether it’s your next-door neighbor or somebody of the stature of Peyton Manning, you better have some damn proof. There’s no margin for error in these kinds of stories, and I’ve done enough of them to be able to voice that kind of opinion. It doesn’t do anything for our profession when this kind of so-called journalism is placed into the public eye because I end up having to defend things that I frankly don’t have time to defend. But I’m really sick and tired of the media mafia that’s out there that think they know what journalism is about telling me and other people in this business how to do our jobs. Al Jazeera did us no favors in this kind of case.”


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