After missing a mandatory meeting with team doctors as part of concussion protocol on Sunday – this after reportedly being spotted in Las Vegas the previous night – Johnny Manziel may be finished.

At least in Cleveland.

“You’re making a mockery of your organization if you keep him on,” Bart Scott said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. how many chances can you give a kid? he’s already a kid that has a sense of entitlement. You just got to let him go. But that may be just what Johnny wants – for you to let him go so he can go back to Dallas, and then once again, Jerry Jones will be an enabler for somebody that kind of powered their way out of town and found a way to get a job.”

Manziel, of course, is from Tyler, Texas, and played college ball at Texas A&M. The former Heisman winner returning to his home state to play for the Cowboys would be a made-for-TV sports soap opera – and a lucrative soap opera, at that.

But can Manziel be a starting quarterback in this league when he has no sense of responsibility to his team?

“You never know,” Scott said. “He can be electric and sell a lot of tickets in Jerry’s World with a guy like Dez Bryant being dynamic, and maybe a guy like Tony Romo can try to mentor him and help him mature why he’s sitting behind on the bench learning how to play quarterback. (Maybe) a guy like (Jason) Witten in his last years can teach him how to be a pro as you get this new era of Cowboys. You look at some of the young talent that’s going to have to come over because realistically, Tony Romo could play maybe three, four more years. So at some point, the great offensive line is going have to become the leaders of the team again. Dez Bryant is, at one point, going to be the senior member on that football team. They got a lot of questionable characters already with (Rolando) McClain and Dez. They already got a lot to manage. I don’t know how you can handle Johnny Football.”

Manziel completed 57.8 percent of his passes for 1,500 yards, seven touchdowns and five interceptions in nine games this season. He also ran 37 times for 230 yards (6.2 yards per carry).

“You know what’s funny?” Scott asked. “The kid has showed progress and growth when he’s played. It seems to me like he’s trying to pout his way out of Cleveland so he can choose where he wants to go. If he goes to Jerry World, it doesn’t matter (how he plays). If he plays okay, he’ll make so much money off the field (in endorsements) being such a polarizing character.”

As for the Browns? It’s time to start over. Again.

“Tear it down again like they did in Oakland and (rebuild),” Scott said. “Try to get a franchise quarterback. I know they’ve been trying to get a franchise quarterback. They spent No. 1 picks on (Brandon) Weeden and Manziel, but start all over. You got to build it slowly and you got to try to get it together like that. Trade Joe Thomas for a third- or second-round draft pick. Trade him somewhere where can be an instant winner. Get something for him. You’re going to lose Alex Mack because he’s not going to stay around.”


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