The Indianapolis Colts extended head coach Chuck Pagano’s contract earlier this week after talk had been swirling that he would be one of the casualties of the hiring/firing season. The move surprised everyone, including Steve Beuerlein.

“I pretty much said that he would not be back, so that tell’s you how I was thinking,” said Steve Beuerlein NFL on CBS analyst on CBS Sports Radio’s DA show. “We all got the feeling that because of the discord between he and Ryan Grigson, we all felt there was just no way that he was going to survive this particular situation. I was surprised as anybody, I came out when I heard the news and I said ‘I thought there was a zero percent chance of this happening but I think it’s the right move. I really like Chuck Pagano and I think he’s done an incredible job there to this point. I think it’s a smart move by Jim Irsay.”

Pagano has been successful in his tenure with the Colts having led them to a 41-23 record in four seasons including three playoff victories. It’s understandable then why the team decided to keep him in place, yet the question still remains, what changed?

“Well, when you consider all of the things involved, the fact that Pagano was only offered a one year deal last year as an extension, that’s what he was insulted about,” said Beuerlein. “That’s why he rejected the initial offer and thought he’d be able to parlay that into more opportunities or a longer term deal with the Colts like he wanted initially. It says a lot to me about all the parties involved, but really about Pagano. For him to swallow his pride and to go in there and say ‘Listen, this didn’t work out the way any of us thought it would, but I’m willing to sit down and figure out the differences between Grigson and myself. Let’s spend some time, talk through it and try to come to an understanding where we can all go forward in a positive fashion and try to do what’s best for the Colts.’ I think all parties acted like mature adults and what was in the best interest of the Colts and it worked out positively for them.”

The Colts finished the season at 8-8 and will hold the 18th pick in the draft.


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