KNBR Bay Area radio host

“He went behind Harbaugh’s back, was disloyal and talked to the owner about potentially taking over the position at the end of the year. I don’t know that this is all factual, but I think from the perception of Jim Harbaugh, that (tweet) was (meant) for Jim Tomsula, not the organization. That’s my take.”
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Showtime Sports correspondent

“It’s disturbing to me that a story like that that was, I think, shoddy and irresponsible when it comes to the journalism in trying to prove – and I’ll put quotes around that word – that Peyton manning was involved in using HGH. It’s almost like you say, ‘A equals B, B equals C, then A equals C.’ That’s just not fair. It’s not responsible. It’s not professional. I don’t know whether Peyton did HGH or not, and I don’t think Al Jazeera knows. I think they may have proven that his wife, for various reasons, health reasons, may have been receiving HGH from this anti-aging clinic, but so what? There’s no proof there. There’s no emails, there’s no receipts, there’s no nothing.”
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FOX Sports NFL analyst

“I just do. They lost a game that we did in Atlanta. The Giants obviously pushed them to the brink (38-35 in Week 15). They had a (close) game in New Orleans (41-38 in Week 13). I think a lot of that comes with the weight of being undefeated, of being 16-0.”
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BART SCOTT – 1/6/16
CBS NFL analyst

“Try to get a franchise quarterback. I know they’ve been trying to get a franchise quarterback. They spent No. 1 picks on (Brandon) Weeden and Manziel, but start all over. You got to build it slowly and you got to try to get it together like that. Trade Joe Thomas for a third- or second-round draft pick. Trade him somewhere where can be an instant winner. Get something for him. You’re going to lose Alex Mack because he’s not going to stay around.”
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Newsday columnist

“His numbers, statistically speaking, certainly merit going into the Hall of Fame. But you haven’t heard the suspicion quite as loudly around Bagwell. It is there, but I think Piazza is someone (who definitely gets it) – and we even saw it tonight in talking to him on a conference call. A number of people brought it up with him, which is surprising on a day a guy is inducted into the Hall of Fame. Usually it’s a much more positive experience, and yet, Piazza was still kind of dogged by those questions on the day he was voted in.”
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TRENT GREEN – 1/7/16
NFL on CBS analyst

“Andrew Luck had an unbelievable comeback for the Colts. A lot of these guys were a part of that and still have that memory etched in their minds.”
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NFL on CBS analyst

“We all got the feeling that because of the discord between he and Ryan Grigson, we all felt there was just no way that he was going to survive this particular situation. I was surprised as anybody, I came out when I heard the news and I said ‘I thought there was a zero percent chance of this happening but I think it’s the right move. I really like Chuck Pagano and I think he’s done an incredible job there to this point. I think it’s a smart move by Jim Irsay.”
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TODD FUHRMAN – 1/7/16 analyst

“For all the malaise late in the season, this is still a ten win football team capable of going on a run if they are able to figure out some of their issues.”
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