By now, you know what happened in the final two minutes of the Bengals/Steelers playoff game last Saturday, and if the Bengals are going to receive blame for what happened – and they definitely deserve it – then the Steelers deserve some blame, too.

Specifically Joey Porter, an outside linebackers coach who went onto the field following the hit on Antonio Brown and goaded Adam Jones into the game-deciding 15-yard penalty.

“Why is Joey Porter out there?” Bart Scott asked on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “One, he’s not an offensive coach. Two, he’s not a member of the training staff. Three, he’s Joey Porter. So if you know the history of Joey Porter – Pacman Jones got Adam Jones a penalty because of his history. So if you’re going to take his history into account, you got to take Joey Porter’s history into account.”

Scott reminded listeners that Porter punched former Bengals left tackle Levi Brown in Las Vegas in 2007.

“This is who is arguing with the Bengals,” Scott said in disbelief. “Antonio Brown is 15 yards away, so if you’re so concerned with him, why aren’t you on a knee praying (and) holding his hand? Why (are) you 15 yards (away) surround by a bunch of Bengals?”

Still, the Bengals acted buffoonish in the final two minutes. They had numerous opportunities to win the game and choked every one of them way. Take the Vontaze Burfict hit, for example. Isn’t that a reflection of Marvin Lewis?

“I think Marvin has to coach Burfict better,” Scott said, “but as far as Adam Jones, it should have been a foul the other way. I don’t think Adam Jones did anything wrong. As a veteran, he’s a guy that’s supposed to speak up, like, ‘Hold up, Joey, what the hell are you doing over here?’ You think Joey went over there talking stuff? You think Joey Porter went over there talking crap? He talks stuff from the sidelines. He’s only five years removed or six years removed from being on the field, so he still thinks and reacts and speaks like a player.

“I look it at like this,” Scott continued. “Coaches (are like) parents; players (are like) kids. So whenever you have an adult and a child, you hold the adult to the higher standard. (Porter) should have got 30 yards. He should have got 15 and an ejection, and it would have been like nothing ever happened. But now Joey Porter gets to be the saint. He gets to be knighted in Pittsburgh because he basically helped win them the game and he doesn’t even have any pads on.”


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