While it seems the Chargers may join the Rams in Los Angeles, there’s a chance they could stay in San Diego.

A slim chance, but a chance nonetheless.

“I think whenever there’s a chance, then there’s got to be a sliver of (hope),” Chargers Hall of Famer Dan Fouts said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “I’m not so sure that Stan Kroenke wants to share that L.A. market with anybody. He’s got such a great vision and a beautiful stadium that he wants to build and surrounding buildings and all the entertainment factors involved with it. I think there’s a lot that still has to be decided in this whole situation.”

The Chargers have the option of moving to Los Angeles. If they pass on that opportunity, the Raiders will have the option to relocate.

While there’s still a chance the Chargers could stay, DA has watched the relationship between team president Dean Spanos and San Diego civic leaders grow increasingly contentious, particularly in regards to a new stadium deal. Fouts, however, doesn’t think that playing hard hall is a deal-breaker.

“Well, every negotiation that I have personally seen with the Chargers, it seems like there was always a lot of contention until the deal was made, so I don’t think that that’s necessarily a bad thing,” said Fouts, who played for the Chargers from 1973 to 1987. “That just means people are sticking to their guns in negotiations. But now with this concession that the league is giving to the Chargers, the $100 million, that may ease the tensions a bit and make a deal more palatable for both sides.”


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