WARREN MOON – 1/11/16

“I think it’s because of his history of these types of incidents throughout his career. Of course every time you do something, they’re going to pile on just a little bit more to send that message. Hopefully this message will be sent to him that you just can’t take those unnecessary shots.”
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BART SCOTT – 1/13/16
CBS NFL analyst

“Coaches (are like) parents; players (are like) kids. So whenever you have an adult and a child, you hold the adult to the higher standard. (Porter) should have got 30 yards. He should have got 15 and an ejection, and it would have been like nothing ever happened. But now Joey Porter gets to be the saint. He gets to be knighted in Pittsburgh because he basically helped win them the game and he doesn’t even have any pads on.”
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DAN FOUTS – 1/13/16
Chargers Hall of Famer

“I’m not so sure that Stan Kroenke wants to share that L.A. market with anybody. He’s got such a great vision and a beautiful stadium that he wants to build and surrounding buildings and all the entertainment factors involved with it. I think there’s a lot that still has to be decided in this whole situation.”
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ISAAC BRUCE – 1/14/16
Former NFL WR

“You’re talking about one of the hardest-working running backs I’ve ever seen in practice and his ability to prepare for a football game. He’ll definitely be missed (by) his former teammates, especially those back in Nebraska, where he was a great, great college football player.”
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TODD FUHRMAN – 1/14/16
Sportsline.com analyst

“The bigger news today was Rob Gronkowski missing practice, citing a sore knee and bad back. By all accounts, even if he goes – which he will Saturday – he may be nowhere close to 100 percent, and if he’s limited, it changes the dynamic of the Patriots’ offense, even with a healthy Julian Edelman back out there.”
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