CHRIS SIMMS – 1/18/16
Bleacher Report NFL analyst

“I just think they’re going to have to kind of reformulate their plan of attack and find a way to continue to get depth on their football team. They’re paying Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, Bruce Irvin, Bobby Wagner, Russell Wilson, Jimmy Graham, Russell Okung, K.J. Wright and Kam Chancellor, they’re basically getting the whole salary – $150 million is almost all going to those guys right there. So they are just going to have to find bargains in free agency, and of course they’re going to have to do really well in the draft as well.”
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BOB CONDOTTA – 1/18/16
Seattle Times Seahawks writer

“You’re playing 19 really rugged games two years in a row. Nobody played more games the last two years than the Seahawks. I think all of that certainly can maybe catch up to you a little bit, and their start this year was obviously influenced by not having Kam Chancellor for those first few games and everything that was going on with that as well. Then Marshawn Lynch got hurt pretty early in the season as well. They just had some things like that that just thinned the margin of error for this team this year, and other teams were able to take advantage.”
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Former All-Pro NFL LB

“Peyton Manning might be ready to come and play and do just enough for them to win, and that defense is obviously going to be great enough to go out and win a football game. But if those other players – those six or seven dropped passes they had last game – if they do that, they will guarantee lose this game. They won’t sneak past like they did with the Steelers and hope that a fumble happens at the end of the game or the Patriots make a mistake because that’s not going to happen. That’s not Belichick football. That’s not Patriots football.”
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ANDY LINDAHL – 1/19/16
Broncos reporter

“The ball has always kind of fluttered a bit. As a matter of fact, everybody should remember from a couple years ago during the 2013 run, he was asked about thrown ugly passes and he joked about it. So the arm strength (this year) is not what’s noticed for me.”
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BART SCOTT – 1/20/16
NFL on CBS analyst

“What do they do? Travis Kelce, you’re the only one that can beat us? Nope, somebody else is going to have to beat us. So I’m going to say, ‘Gronkowksi, you’re not beating us. Edelman, you’re not beating us. Amendola, Steven Jackson: Take them to the promise land.’”
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JAMIE DUKES – 1/20/16
NFL analyst

“It is disappointing, but when you start talking about the hiring process, it starts with guys getting these defensive coordinator gigs. That’s where it really starts.”
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HOLLY HOLM – 1/21/16
UFC champion

“But it is kind of crazy walking around Times Square and people are like, ‘Hey, that’s Holly Holm.’ I’m like, ‘There’s people all over here. I can hardly find my own friends when I’m stuck in the middle of the group, and this person just picked me out.’ So that’s different and it’s neat. I hope that as many people are knowing who I am, I hope that it can just kind of be a positive effect.”
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TODD FUHRMAN – 1/21/16 analyst

“About 80 to 85 percent of the tickets are coming in the road favorites here. I spoke to several books both here in town and offshore. They’re calling this not only the biggest single decision and liability of the season if the Patriots win for them, but maybe of the last five years. So if there’s somebody rooting for Peyton Manning and this Broncos defense to rise to the occasion, it’s bookmakers here in the desert and all the way out to the Caribbean.”
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