Miesha Tate is very familiar with Ronda Rousey having fought her twice during the course of her professional career. Tate lost both of those fights to Rousey by armbar submissions, once in Strikeforce and once in the UFC.

With that familiarity, Tate has been on the receiving end of Rousey’s trash talk multiple times. So she understands how that talk may have led to Rousey’s defeat at the hands of Holly Holm at UFC 193. As Tate prepares to fight Holly Holm at UFC 197 on March 5, she dropped by CBS Sports Radio’s DA Show to discuss where Rousey went wrong in the lead up to the Holm fight.

“Ronda has a different way of marketing things and she comes at people in different ways,” said Tate on CBS Sports Radio’s DA Show. “I definitely think it wasn’t smart of her to try to get in Holly’s face and get tough at the very end at the weigh-ins because I think it came back to bite her in the butt. You can’t bully everyone in the division all the time. Sometimes that’s going to come around and someone’s going to use that against you for fuel for fire. I think that’s exactly what happened and maybe it was a combination of her underestimating Holly and Holly just went in there cool as a cucumber and she just did her job.”

DA agrees and thinks that it is because of that disrespect that Rousey showed Holm, fans were more willing to turn on her.

“Oh definitely, she made her own bed to sleep in and it works as long as you’re able to stay undefeated, but I really think nobody stays undefeated forever,” said Tate. “So you’re kind of asking for it at a certain point when you get such a big head about yourself, you have to understand that someone’s going to pop that someday and you’re going to fall flat on your face.”

The question now remains of how Rousey will handle the defeat. Will she be able to come back and resume her spot atop the division, or will the loss have shaken her confidence? The answer to that question Tate thinks will show what kind of fighter Ronda is.

“Now we’ll see what kind of a fighter Ronda really is because she got knocked from the highest of the highest to the lowest of the lowest. If you’re able to pick yourself up from that and come back and say I can do better then that’s definitely a testament to her will.”

Tate and Holm square off for the women’s bantamweight title March 5 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.


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