TONY DORSETT – 1/25/16

“It tells me a little bit that your head’s not in the right place. You need to be concentrating on the game and what’s going on. If you’re the offensive guy, you got to be supporting the defensive guys and vice versa. The picture-taking and all that stuff, I’m not for that. I would think that you didn’t have your mind on the game, and that would definitely be pretty upsetting to me as a teammate. But like I said, things have changed. These guys do it different ways. But they still play a great brand of football out there. It’s a lot of hard-hitting and tackling and great catches and great throws.”
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STEVE WYCHE – 1/25/16
NFL Network analyst

“It seems like people love those guys, people hate those guys. But I think the most common denominator is they’re damn good and that’s why you probably have feelings on both ends of the spectrum.”
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BRADY QUINN – 1/26/16 NFL analyst

“So that’s going to be something that they’re going to look at, but they’ve seen it before. Joe Flacco came from Delaware after originally being at Pitt and transferring. And he made the transition obviously pretty well. He’s won a Super Bowl. So I don’t think there will be too many people knocking this guy after they see what he’s capable of doing during Senior Bowl this week.”
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MIESHA TATE – 1/26/16
UFC fighter

“Now we’ll see what kind of a fighter Ronda really is because she got knocked from the highest of the highest to the lowest of the lowest. If you’re able to pick yourself up from that and come back and say I can do better then that’s definitely a testament to her will.”
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SB Nation reporter

“I have actually thought about (what that will be like for my family). Our whole family, we go back generations of Cubs fans. And my dad, he gets so emotional even talking about it. I honestly think that he would fall to his knees and lose control of everything. It would just overwhelm him, and I’ve thought about how I will need to be there with him (to help him through the experience). I’ve had these visions and if and when the Cubs are ever in the World Series, I have sworn we will be watching the games together. It’s too big. I’ve already told SB Nation. Even last year, I was like, ‘Guys, if the Cubs make it to the World Series, I’m checking out. I know I have  job to do. Priorities.’”
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TOM LEMMING – 1/29/16
CBS Sports Network recruiting insider

“They have  a lot of great players committed and even more that were looking their way. It could greatly affect them. This is the worst possible time to put this news out with only five days left before National Signing Day. So it could affect them greatly. Even if it’s just innuendo and rumor and they don’t really have a lot of facts, it’s going to stretch out so it’s definitely going to affect Ole Miss.”
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