By Shaun Morash

The Watercooler

Has Cam Newton heard of the names Randall Cunningham, Daunte Culpepper, and Donovan McNabb? I ask this as Cam Newton told the world we have never seen anything like him before. Well, if Cam is referring to an African American quarterback who won games and did so in a celebratory style, while airing it out and running he should realize we have been there and done that.

Cam is nothing new; in fact anything he has done this year on the edge is quite tame compared to what Donovan McNabb did walking out of the tunnel in the 1st ever playoff game and Jerry Jones new palace.

The idea that Cam was really hated by the public because “we have never seen anything like him before,” was actually quite false. Newton had no more haters than Aaron Rodgers does. However, Cam’s actions now and playing the race card has made people across the country roll their eyes collectively. By answering questions on why he is hated, Cam thus became more hate able, oh the irony.

My Pick

My mediocre year met its match on Conference Championship weekend where I went a whopping 1-1. My season record is 32-31-2, so I will either go .500 or 2 games over for 2015.

Broncos +6 vs Panthers: My initial reaction to this matchup was that the Panthers would blow out the Broncos. Often time’s initial reactions can be the biggest overreactions.

I have cause for concern that what Denver’s defense did to Tom Brady and the Patriots cannot be done to Carolina. Denver could anticipate Patriots passes, without having to truly account for the run. Carolina will always have you ready to guard against the run. That being said Denver’s coverage is so talented, and the Panthers weapons are still mediocre when it boils down to it.

For as good as the Panthers defense is, they are not the unit the Seahawks destroyed Peyton Manning with 24 months ago. Manning has been the smartest quarterback on the field for a generation, if he feels this will be his last game I would expect that focus and his smarts will be more locked in than ever.

Should Carolina win this game? Yeah. Will they? I’m not nearly as sure as I was two weeks ago. For all the reasons I listed and the cockiness the Panthers have come in with. 6 points is way too many for a team who has never been in this moment to lay. Give me the Broncos getting nearly a touchdown in Peyton’s farewell.

Super Bowl Food Of The Week

Make-Your-Own-Taco Bar. While every Super Bowl Party in America should consist of a variety of wings, baked ziti, heroes, etc., there is no reason you can’t shake things up fiesta style. Ground up beef and/or chicken, and buy all your favorite taco fixings and shells. Lay out the toppings and the cooked meat in a beautiful spread that will grab the eye of everyone at your Super Bowl 50 party.

You can pop taco’s like M&M’s and lose count over a long game, heck I’ve been known to plow through a dozen if I had too. It’s fun, it’s hip, it’s delicious. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading all season; I’ll see you in September. You can Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @MrazCBS.


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