The latest plot twist in the Johnny Manziel saga was unveiled Thursday, with reports that the former first-round pick struck his ex-girlfriend several times during an incident at the Hotel ZaZa in Dallas early last Saturday morning.

Manziel’s ex has also alleged that he forced her into a car and drove her to her apartment in Fort Worth, striking her several times during the ride. Manziel also reportedly threatened to kill her – and himself – if she did not remain quiet.

What in the world is happening with this young man?

“I wish I knew, man,” Raiders wide receiver Michael Crabtree said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “I’m just going to have to pray for dude. I hope he be all right, man. This is crazy. It feels like story after story after story. I don’t even want to hear about Johnny Manziel no more, man – unless it’s positive. I don’t want to hear nothing else unless it’s him giving back to the community or something, something positive. I can’t take no more. I think the dude, he way better than that. I think he way better than that. I just want to see positive things from Manziel from now on. No more noise, no more negativity, nothing bad. Just be positive from now on. That’s all I can say, man.”

Crabtree, 28, has been in the NFL long enough to know that it’s a fleeting existence. Your career can come and go in one season, one game or one snap. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.

“Take advantage of your job, man,” Crabtree said. “If your job is to play football, play football and do it at a high level, at the highest level, and go on about your life. If you don’t want to play football, don’t play football. If you don’t want to work, don’t work. It’s your job. You got be a pro on and off the field.”

The Cleveland Browns were reportedly going to part ways with Manziel even before the details of this incident became public. At this point, it seems like a foregone conclusion that the 23-year-old’s days in Cleveland are numbered. Where Manziel ends up, if anywhere, is anyone’s guess, but the Dallas Cowboys were rumored to be interested.

Crabtree, a Dallas native, just hopes Manziel gets his life together – and soon.

“He’s just got to grow up, man,” Crabtree said. “This (has nothing to do with your) boys or people around you. You just got to grow up and really look at yourself in the mirror and strive to be a better person every day. It starts with yourself, man. I’ve been in those situations. I done had 100 people around me at the age of 21 doing this and that. At the same time, I knew what was right, you know? And I did what was right.”


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