Celtics reporter

“What he’s been able to accomplish at such a young age in college and at the NBA level – he’s talked (a lot) about (how) he wants his calm and collected demeanor to be out on the court. I know that they’ve said a little bit this season that he’s gotten a little more talkative with the refs and stuff, but overall, I just like that he views himself and how he is on the court as an extension of how his players are and he wants to be calm and collected and lead by example.”
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DAN MILLER – 2/1/16
Lions play-by-play voice

“For whatever reason, he ultimately (decided), if this is it, (to cut his career short). But for the time that he was there, there’s no denying what he has done, and I think it will ultimately be taken into consideration. I think for me, as a guy who doesn’t vote for the Hall of Fame – but certainly I’ve talked to people that do and have – I think ultimately he gets in. When they sit around and talk, they will take into consideration what he’s done, and when you look at it, it has truly been special. It just won’t be as big or as long a period as we thought that it would be.”
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TOM LEMMING – 2/2/16
CBS Sports Network recruiting insider

“Houston is a great area to recruit. If you remember in the old days, they used to do great. When I first started, Houston was a powerhouse of a school in the late-’70s. Then they fell on hard times for the next 25 years, but they’re on their way back.”
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HOWARD BECK – 2/2/16
Bleacher Report senior NBA writer

“So Durant and Westbrook together are two of the top five players in the NBA. You’ve got to beat the Westbrook/Ibaka collaboration, and Washington can’t do that. The Lakers can’t do that – unless they’re bringing someone else in with Durant. There aren’t that many suitors out there that could actually give Durant an improved surrounding cast. The Warriors clearly are a team that could do that.”
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NFL Network insider

“I think the Raiders want to be in Oakland. The mayor seems to be headed in the right direction, the city seems to finally get it, they’re behind–way behind, but I think they’re really going to try and make it work in Oakland for the Raiders.”
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TED JOHNSON – 2/3/16
Former Patriot

“I did. I broke his heart. We were very, very close, and I think he felt I betrayed him by telling him that story because it brought negative energy and attention to his program. I didn’t mean it to do that. I just wanted guys to get help and I did it for the bigger picture, but that hurt our relationship in a big, big way.”
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Raiders WR

“If your job is to play football, play football and do it at a high level, at the highest level, and go on about your life. If you don’t want to play football, don’t play football. If you don’t want to work, don’t work. It’s your job. You got be a pro on and off the field.”
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“Just because of the way I’ve been, the way I’ve carried myself. He told me that there’s a lot of players who he tries to get to handle their careers and themselves the way I do. He just said that he’s always admired that about me. He told me that me and Lawrence Taylor were two guys that he knew had the talent and he just wanted to get the best out of us. I’m just grateful for him because without him in my life or in my career, I’m not even sitting here talking to you today.”
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Bucs QB

“I believe our locker room is such a great locker room. We have so many great veterans and great teammates in that Tampa Bay locker room. I didn’t even have to think that I’m going to force myself upon these guys. I’m going to try to earn their respect. I’m just going to let it happen. Coach Smith told me a great thing he said ‘Hey, be a rook.’ Gerald McCoy told me the same thing. Sometimes as a rookie you get overwhelmed by everything. You try to do too much and that’s how it was early in the season I was trying to do too much. I had to realize ‘hey man this is the game of football I’ve been playing my whole life.’ I love this game so I got to calm down.”
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