SI Now and CBS Sports Radio’s Maggie Gray stopped The DA Show on Monday to discuss her versatile and hectic career, which is as rewarding as it is challenging. Gray spends much of her week interviewing A-list guests and much of her weekends giving her opinions on A-list guests, as well as current sports topics.

“Well, the SI brand helps, just like working at CBS,” Gray said, explaining how she books so many well-known athletes and celebrities. “It’s an established place and you don’t have to explain who you are and sort of what you’re about, so that’s a check in the positive column. We get people a lot of the time who are on press tours and they’re promoting something and we’ll get added to the queue. Tomorrow I’m interviewing Jason Sudeikis and it’s going to be taped for Wednesday, but he’s already coming to do People Magazine, which is owned by Time Inc., so why not stop at Sports Illustrated?”

“So a lot of that stuff is sort of fortuitous,” the Moose & Maggie co-host continued, “and then we have our wish list of people. We have the guys who we’re going back to their people once a week – more than that – just to finally see if we can get them to tell their story to us. It’s just like here (at CBS). It’s a lot of work tracking people down and hoping to prove to them that we’re a good spot to come and tell your story.”

Gray, who does television, radio and hosts a podcast, was asked which medium she loves most.

“Oh man, that’s so hard,” Gray said. “Here’s the thing. I love SI because it’s hosting. It’s trying to think up really creative questions for really interesting people, trying to get something out of them that they may have not told people before – and doing it, by the way, in a very unnatural setting, which is a TV studio with bright lights and 50 other publicists and everybody watching. But I love that and the challenge of that. Then I come here on Saturday mornings – literally in this same seat that I’m sitting in right now – and somebody finally says to me, ‘So, what do you think?’ And then I get to take all that information that I just had from the entire week and just get to give my opinion on stuff. So it’s like two different muscles in your brain, and I really have to think about it before I come in on Saturday mornings.”

Several questions run through Gray’s mind before each weekend show: What do I actually think about this issue? What is my gut opinion? How am I going to argue this? What facts should I use to back it up?

A lot goes into it.

So, Maggie, which medium is more fun?

“I love both sides, so can I cop out and say I love them both?” Gray asked, laughing. “I have 50 bosses. I think all of them are listening right now. I love everybody. Thank you for the paychecks.”


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