MAGGIE GRAY – 2/15/16
SI and CBS Sports Radio host

“It’s an established place and you don’t have to explain who you are and sort of what you’re about, so that’s a check in the positive column. We get people a lot of the time who are on press tours and they’re promoting something and we’ll get added to the queue. Tomorrow I’m interviewing Jason Sudeikis and it’s going to be taped for Wednesday, but he’s already coming to do People Magazine, which is owned by Time Inc., so why not stop at Sports Illustrated?”
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JASON KING – 2/15/16
Bleacher Report college basketball senior writer

“A lot of times, guys retire, they go play golf or they find other interests. Larry Brown traveled around the country and goes to college basketball practices. He just can’t stay away from the game. So when that opportunity (at SMU) came open he said, ‘Hey, why not throw my name in the ring?’ It was a struggling program, they didn’t have a lot of tradition and now they’re selling the place out. He’s done a great job.”
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RIC BUCHER – 2/16/16
Bleacher Report NBA senior writer

“Has not wanted to leave, has not been an issue, has not been a bad player, hasn’t undercut the coach. And yet, now that Houston has decided (that) this isn’t a really good fit, our mix doesn’t work, he may be leaving sooner rather than later, we may get nothing for him, we need to move him – people fill in the blanks as far as why that is. It’s more, ‘See? One more place where Dwight Howard just couldn’t get it done and he’s the bad act.’ It’s simply not deserved in this case.”
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Nashville radio host

“With the combine coming up next week, I hope Jared Goff performs well and I hope Carson Wentz performs well, especially to the point where Cleveland – certainly in the need of a quarterback – (could move up).”
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J.T. THOMAS – 2/17/16
Giants LB

“That’s our whole goal – to make people aware, to provide help where it’s needed. More than anything, I think it all boils down to education, which kind of supports my end goal of it all: one day having an all-boys academy back in my hometown. I just really feel like our young men need guidance. Sometimes in this world, they can be distracted by a lot of the things that are thrown at them.”
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“I got tired of losing, so I’m jumping on to other teams. I don’t know. I’m torn between Steph Curry and LeBron James. I kind of like LeBron, but Steph Curry – it’s like someone took Cheryl Miller and Reggie Miller and mixed them into one person and made Steph Curry.”
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DC radio host

“They think he can’t play anymore. I’ve covered him and got to know him pretty well. I’m not going to count him out. But here’s the one caveat. He has to find the right system. I think he wins in Buffalo, as an example, where right now Greg Roman, who ran an offense for Colin Kaepernick in San Francisco, designed the perfect scheme for Tyrod Taylor. I think physically he’s got some better tools than Tyrod Taylor.”
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