Tennessee head coach Butch Jones has come under fire this week, as former Vols wide receiver Drae Bowles has accused Jones of calling him a traitor for helping a woman that two of Bowles’ teammates allegedly raped.

Indeed, a woman claimed she was sexually assaulted by A.J. Johnson and Michael Williams in the early morning hours of Nov. 16, 2014. Bowles found the woman crying and hyperventilating in a parking lot and called 911 on her behalf. The former four-star recruit was apparently punched and bloodied by teammate Curt Maggitt for his efforts.

Unless it can be proven that Jones antagonized Bowles, however, what would end up getting him fired?

“Nothing,” longtime Tennessee radio host Thom Abraham said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “Well, 8-5 next year will. They need to take that next step (on the field). But short of it coming out that he knew this was going on – short of that – he will survive all of this, I believe. I don’t think (athletic director) Dave Hart will, to be honest with you. There’s too much stink on this whole thing – on not just this situation, but other things that have gone on the past few years. Somebody’s going to have to pay the price, and I would be stunned if Dave Hart ultimately survives this as the AD.”

Even if Jones keeps his job, though, he could still face discipline.

“Something happened,” Abraham said. “There was something physical that went on here between the players and this kid (Bowles). Well, the question to Butch Jones has to be, ‘Why was no one suspended? What was the punishment?’ So even if he didn’t say to the kid, ‘You’re betraying the team’ or whatever – as Drae Bowles (has alleged) – then where is the response to whatever was going on with the team in terms of code red? It doesn’t seem anybody was ever punished. If he didn’t punish anyone and allowed a player to get beaten, then that’s going to be a big issue. That’s an end-game issue.”


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