DAN DICKAU – 2/23/16
Westwood One college basketball analyst

“When you look at his talent, when you look at his size (6-10, 225), when you look at the potential that he has, that’s why you’re looking at a No. 1 pick. But you’re right. They’re an interesting team because I think their RPI as of now is hovering around the 80 mark.”
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CHRIS BAKER – 2/23/16
Redskins DT

“Last year, he was thrown into the starting position pretty much a week before the season started, so he didn’t really have a whole offseason to gel with his starting receivers and his offensive line. Each week was basically like a preseason game for him – like the first six weeks as he started to get acclimated with everyone. Once he started to get rolling and get familiar with the offense, he was unstoppable.”
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LISA RAMOS – 2/24/16
MTV star

“They were just like, ‘Come in for a meeting and we’ll talk about what you’re going to do. That was it. I was talking a lot when I was there, so they knew that I would be a good fit. I guess that was my audition, my interview.”
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Utah head coach

“I’m always excited about this time of year. Selection Sunday (is) coming up two weeks from Sunday. If you tell me that I can only have a television for one month, I want it at the start of that Selection Sunday and then you can take it away from me when the Masters is over. This is my favorite time of year for sports. I love it. I just hope we’re a part of it.”
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IAN THOMSEN – 2/25/16
NBA.com writer

“It’s a seven-game series. A team game-plans specifically for Golden State. They’re a hard team to game-plan for during the regular season. They’e so different from anybody else. Are you going to change everything you do just for one game against the Warriors? You aren’t. But in the playoffs, you are. You’re going to adjust. You’re going go after the match-ups you think are right and you’re going try to beat them up and slow the game down.”
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THOM ABRAHAM – 2/25/16
Tennessee radio host

“Well, 8-5 next year will. They need to take that next step (on the field). But short of it coming out that he knew this was going on – short of that – he will survive all of this, I believe. I don’t think (athletic director) Dave Hart will, to be honest with you. There’s too much stink on this whole thing – on not just this situation, but other things that have gone on the past few years. Somebody’s going to have to pay the price, and I would be stunned if Dave Hart ultimately survives this as the AD.”
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