At 6-1, 206 pounds, Juston Burris is one of the biggest cornerback prospects available in this year’s NFL Draft. The North Carolina State product is competitive, physical and has no qualms about getting into a receiver’s grill and letting him know he’s there.

“That’s just what I like to do,” Burris said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “My scheme at NC State was we were going to get up in their face, and we were going to disrupt the timing of the quarterback and I was going to try to get in the receivers’ face. That was my whole deal.”

Burris became a reliable defender for the Wolfpack, recording 120 tackles, two interceptions and 23 PBUs over the last three seasons. He knows that NFL teams love big corners and believes he can make an impact at the next level.

“Once you see a guy like Richard Sherman and how he’s really changed the game for bigger cornerbacks like myself and the type of respect he commands from offenses and the way he shuts down receivers, that’s what most coordinators want,” Burris said. “They want the next Richard Sherman to come up. Hopefully I can be that and I can continue to work on my game and hopefully get to that level.”

Burris, who ran a 4.53 40-yard dash at the Combine, allowed a completion rate of just 34.1 percent at NC State. He also allowed just one touchdown in 44 targets.

Burris said he wasn’t focused on necessarily preserving that touchdown-less streak; he was just focused on shutting his man down every snap.

“It wasn’t really (about me) not allowing a score,” Burris said. “It was just play-by-play, (my man) wasn’t going to beat me. As a corner, you’re just looking for that next play and that’s how I played the game.”


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